Credit Memo Template

By | January 16, 2014

A credit memo is also known as invoice which is a document in which transaction details of a list of products or services that are purchased under that single transaction. Usually, people mix credit memos and statements however; these two are totally different things. A credit memo is written in a single transaction whereas a statement is created for a particular customer in which the list of different invoices are issued for a particular period. There are lots of reasons and times when a credit memo should use including unit price over billed in order to inform the customer for the amount that is over billed, for the goods that are short shipped in order to inform the customer for the shortfall quantity, for the correction of invoices after the rejection of certain faulty products, for the discounts made after shipment of the products on the request of the customer, for the shipment of wrong products to a customer and to write off a shortfall amount to the customer. Credit memos are very important because they help you in maintaining the inventories, accounts and other books.

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Credit Memo Template

Writing a credit memo is not a big deal and must have some key elements to make it perfect and effective.

  • The title of the credit memo or invoice such as sales invoice, purchase invoice etc.
  • A unique reference number for future inquiries.
  • The information of the vendor (the party from whom the goods are purchased).
  • The details of the record importer or the party who is liable to pay all the taxes and duties charged for the shipment.
  • The issuance date of the credit memo.
  • Write the details of the products like product ID, quantity and price.
  • Write unit price of the products or service. Do not forget to mention the discounts that are made for the customer.
  • Complete details of the buyer including the shipping address.
  • Write the date on which the service or product was delivered or sold.
  • List order tracking numbers.
  • The total amount charged with a detail of unit price and different taxes.
  • Terms and conditions of the service or goods that is usually unique for different invoices.
  • Include all the payment methods like credit card, cash on delivery or any other method also mention the date of payment and conditions for late payment.
  • At the end of the memo, do not forget to write the total due amount in a different color in order to avoid confusion.

For creating a credit memo document, one can use different word processor tools and spreadsheet software. For creating a credit memo along with the understanding of basic elements of a memo one must have an understanding of the format of the memo like the right placement of inventories on the spreadsheet. It is good to use the special credit memo creating software because in such software there is no need to spend hours in searching for a particular credit memo.

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