Project Status Report Template

By | June 8, 2013

If you are a project manager, then you might know the importance deadlines have. When you are able to complete your task on the deadline, your clients provide you with more work. If your team is not able to complete the task on time, then you are most likely not doing well. To help you out during these times, you might want to make use of a project status report.

A project status report provides you with crucial information. You find out more about your project. You come to know if it is doing well, how fast are things progressing, and whether you can complete it on the deadline. When you are wondering about how to prepare a project status report, you will want to some pointers that can help you out.

Preparing a project status report helps in better communication with your entire team. So, make sure that you do it well.

Here are some pointers that a project status report must include:

Goals that were scheduled during previous meeting which have been completed

The goals that were scheduled during previous report which have been completed should be included in an effective project status report. When you have scheduled some goals during your previous meeting and if they have been completed, then you might want to include them. It provides some idea to your team members on their progress.

Here is preview of a free Project Status Report Template created using MS Word to help anyone in creating their own Status Reports quickly and easily,

Project Status Report Template

Goals scheduled for the next meeting

You will need to include the goals that have been scheduled for the next meeting. This way, your team is aware about the future goals of your company. Only when they know the next tasks, they can prepare accordingly. So, make sure that you include the future goals for your company that will be discussed in the next meeting.

Issues which came up during the last meeting and steps taken, if any

You will want to also include the issues which came up during the last meeting and steps taken, if any in your project status report. This way, your team members come to know about the issues which they had faced during the last meeting and what were the steps that were taken. The next time similar issues come up they know how it can be solved.

Risks faced and their response

The risks which were faced during the project and their response have to be also present in the project status report. Your team members must be told about the risks and technical problems that they faced and what team leaders did to avoid these kinds of problems. This is an important factor that must be mentioned in a project status report.

New risks identified and their response

The new risks which have been identified and what are their solutions can also be spoken about in the project status report.


Lastly, the budget should also be mentioned in the project status report. The amount that was spent in accomplishing your project should be highlighted to your team members.

Remember, the main aim of creating a report is to help your team perform better the next time. It is your duty to make sure that your team performs well. Prepare your project status report well.

Here is download link for this Project Status Report Template,

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