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By | July 9, 2016

It’s not very hard to understand that sale is actually the life blood of any company. Your finance department is important and your planning department is important along with many other departments and divisions but the most important department might be the sales department. This is because the revenue or money is generated by this department. The higher the sale of a company, the more profit it makes from its services and products. This makes it more important and crucial to observe the behavior of customers towards the products or services of the company and the results of these products. If the customers are happy with the results, you can make them feel more valuable by giving them gifts and coupons where if the products are failing desired expectations, you can take essential steps to recover from bad reputation in the market in time. In either way, it’s the key responsibility of the customer service department to report any major incidents or important complaints to the production or management so it can be fixed in ongoing and upcoming production.

What needs to go on this Report?

There are various different elements that are important to include in a Customer Service Report but the most important thing is to keep it simple and brief. The key purpose of this report is to inform the higher authorities about a complaint or a customer who is no happy with a product and the report should be kept simple and concise. Starting with the name of the customer, begin the report by putting his full name, address, date on which he bought the product, how much he paid for the product and why he is not happy with the results. It depends on you if you want to make a full report and a short report or if only a short report is enough. If it helps, you can also make separate sections or parts of the report for all kinds of information and details i.e. customer info, product info, complaint section, how to solve it and other things.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Customer Service Report Template created using MS Word,

Customer Service Report Template

Guidelines for Customer Service Report Format:

  • Start the report with writing down the complete information about the customer. This includes his full name, complete address, email address and phone number.
  • Next part is the full explanation and introduction to the product the customer bought. This includes the name of the product, model, make year and the place where he bought it from along with the price he paid for it. Date of purchase is very important here and you should clearly mention it on the report.
  • If the product is already received by the service department, just include the receipt number or if it’s still with the customer, add the date and time when you found out about this problem and for how long the customer was having problem with the product. How you got the information is also important i.e. you talked to him on phone, he called you or service provider visited his home etc.
  • This is the most important part of the report because it actually consists the problem or error with the product. Explain what kind of problem the product has and how the customer responded to it. Here you can also give comments or suggestions about how to fix it and how to make the customer happy about it.
  • If the customer talked about anything in particular that is important for the report, add it in here and focus on how the customer responded to the problem and if he was patient or aggressive towards the company. Conclude the report with final comments.

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