“Do Not Freeze” Label Template

By | November 14, 2015

A label is a small piece of paper which is used to include the insides of a box or parcel. Companies use these labels to indicate the contents of a shipment and to inform the end user as well as the cargo service to handle it in a specific way such as some labels indicate to keep a surface of the box upwards where some indicate that the box contains sharp tools which should be carry with a support on the bottom of the box. In the same way a “do not freeze” label is placed on a box which contains such contents that doesn’t need to be frozen or won’t keep their original shape or quality once they are put into the freezer. Unlike a box which contains medicine and needs to be placed or stored in a cold dry place, if a box includes herbs or some natural stuff, it won’t remain the same if once it’s frozen.

When a customer orders some products and wants the vendor to deliver the product at his doorstep, he actually puts all the responsibility on the vendor’s shoulders and frees himself from all kinds or errors or mistakes. In that situation now it’s the duty of the vendor and the shipper to safely deliver the product to the end user and if it doesn’t happen, one of them has to take the responsibility for that. In this particular scenario when the company wants to deliver the product without putting it in any cold storage, it places a label on the box which includes the information about the inside items and the consequences if someone freezes it. This way the company puts all the responsibility on the shipper as his only job was to indicate the safe and right way to handle and store the box. Now it’s duty of the shipper to safely deliver it to the desired person.

Here is preview of a Free Printable “Do Not Freeze” Label Template created using MS Word,

Do Not Freeze Label Template

General Guidelines to create a “Do Not Freeze” Label for your company:

  • Every company in the market uses this label as a great way to advertise their business or company so you should do so. You can but your company’s logo on the label or a small introduction about the kind of products you offer.
  • This parcel or box will travel through a lot of worse conditions like rain or damp weather so the label should be waterproof.
  • Start the label by putting your company’s name and logo on the top of the label along with a slogan about your business if you have any.
  • Giving information about the products inside, put a statement such as “do not freeze this product” on the label. This statement is very important for the products that will change chemically or internally if you freeze it or when it’s defrost.
  • If you want to save some money, you can put the shipment information on the bottom of this label too.
  • Once you are done, place the label on the top of the box as it will be easily notice-able there.

Here is download link for the above shown “Do Not Freeze” Label Template,
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