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By | May 12, 2015

Marriage is one sacred and most appreciated relation in all societies of world and encouraged in every relation. This is where two hearts meet and a new beginning is initiated. A marriage not only binds two people together but changes the lives of two whole families and allows them to make new relations with each other. However in some cases, due to certain misunderstandings or mishaps a marriage can’t continue and the two partners separate after passing through some legal procedures and issuing of a divorce. Divorce is the ending of marriage and a really depressing act on both ends but people are compelled to do so at certain times.

This world is no more a world of words and gestures but a world of proofs and facts and to prove a divorce, both parties should have a legally processed case leading towards issuance of legal documentation in which a divorce certificate is very important one. This is a legal obligation of separation between the two individuals and there are terms and conditions, which have to be followed by both afterwards. A divorce certificate is a very important document since it has various purposes after divorce has been happened. First and foremost is that if you are going to remarry, divorce certificate has to be presented to the court of law before issuance of marriage certificate of remarrying. Courts of law have now strict rules about this and this is a must thing. Apart from remarrying, divorce certificate is used to claim child expenses if there are any children you are taking care of. If the other party is misbehaving in this regard, a case can only be filed if one has divorce certificate. Divorce certificate is also used to refer to the terms and conditions, which are applicable to both; since you might forget over time and need to consult these legal obligations at a later time.

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Divorce Certificate Template

Divorce certificate is a legal document and is written on judicial paper issued under the court of law from most to all times. These papers are printed under the court authority and have watermarks imprinted within them. There is no such designing of divorce certificates since they are official documents and no one can make one of their own and customize or design it; there is a pact format set by court which has to be followed at all times.

These are little detailed documents so a divorce certificate is written in portrait orientation on a judicial standard size paper, which might vary from court to court. The top most centered title mentions the court name with their official logo. Heading of the certificate as per name is “Certificate of Divorce” following the certification statement where names of both parties are filled in at relevant spaces along with required details such as dates of divorce and marriage etc. Any terms and conditions to which the divorce might be bound are usually included as a separate annexure. The certificate is made two copies for both parties and is officially sealed and signed by the judge from concerned court of law.

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