Warranty Certificate Template

By | April 25, 2015

Many of the products and services available in the market today come with warranties. A warranty is an assurance from the seller that the product or service that he or she is selling to the buyer is guaranteed to work properly for a specific time, and if not, the maintenance or replacement required will be covered by the seller. A product that comes with warranty is a safe option for the buyer, and therefore he or she is more likely to buy it. In this respect, warranty is beneficial for both buyer and seller.

The warranty of a product is proved by a document known as a warranty certificate. This piece of paper contains all the information about the coverage that the seller is willing to provide for the sold product. In essence, a good warranty certificate should have the following features:

  • Simple language. The language used must be understandable to the layman. The certificate’s purpose is to convey information to the user, and it is defeated if the language is full of technical or legal jargon that the buyer cannot understand.
  • Parts and services coverage. Often, the buyer only offers warranty on certain parts or components of the product. This is especially true for electronic equipment. For example, many mobile phone companies do not offer warranty on damaged power supplies or screens. Terms like these should be mentioned clearly on the warranty certificates to avoid misunderstandings and loss of goodwill between customer and seller.
  • Time period. Companies usually offer warranties on products for only a limited period of time, after which the warranty expires and the customer has to pay for repairs and services out of his own pocket. This time period has to be specifically mentioned on the warranty certificate for the reference of the customer.
  • Instructions on how to claim warranty. Most companies have a procedure that pertains to cases where warranties are to be claimed. This may involve some paperwork. The customer may also have to go to a different store or repair centre to get their warranty claimed. All this information should also be included on the warranty certificate.
  • Headers and titles. There is a lot of information that needs to be delivered to the customer via the warranty certificate. Putting it all down in one long paragraph can be tedious to read and understand, especially if the terms and conditions that the warranty follows are complex (which they usually are, because they need to conform to legal standards). Therefore, it is useful to organise text under headings. For example, information about coverage and period can be included under their respective headers, so the user can skip to the part they want to know about without reading the whole text first. The title of the document should include the name and logo of the company in large font, along with addresses and contact numbers. The title should also indicate whether the provided warranty is ‘full’ or ‘partial’ which are legal terms that are required on warranty certificates in most parts of the world.

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Warranty Certificate Template

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