Religious Poster Template

By | May 19, 2014

Religion is like the most important and essential element of anyone’s life and no matter if you are Muslim, Christian, catholic or Jew, you put the religion before anything else in the life. Sometimes it happens that when we are very busy in the life or work routine, we kind of loss contact with the religion and that’s when religious scholars come in the scene as they reconnect a person to his religion. Also when these scholars and the leaders see that the followers of their religion have lost the way and not acting as they are supposed to, they teach the elements of that religion by seminars, speeches, addressing to public gatherings and also by publishing the material in newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyers and posters. This way they speak to thousands of people without actually talking to each of them. In this process, every method has its own advantages and benefits but mostly these scholars use religious posters.

A religious poster is a little different from a flyer as it’s bigger in size and you don’t handout to the public but hang it in the crowded places like bus stop, subway station and educational institutions like schools or colleges. There people look at them and get to know the message with lesser time. If a big scholar or leader of a religion is going to attend an event, his supporters announce that news via posters where they put his picture and ask their brothers and sisters to attend the event and listen to that scholar. We see this type of posters on daily basis and some of them are really attractive which suddenly grabs our attention and force us to read them or attend that addressing.

Here is preview of this Religious Poster Template created using Microsoft Word,

religious poster template

There are many ways to create this poster as you can ask a printing firm or use a website but if you don’t want that, you can do it by your own. You just have to follow some simple rules such as:

General guidelines to create a religious poster:

  • First of all, get to know the purpose and look into it closely. Then find out all the information related to the specific condition.
  • Make a sample on which you put all the information to see if there is anything missing or wrong.
  • If you are allowed to put the picture of that scholar, you can use that but in most of the cases, people just use a common picture like Muslims use picture of Holy Ka’aba where Christians use image of a church.
  • Then below that, put the name of the event or the main theme in bold letters which will tell the reader about the nature of this poster without reading the entire details.
  • Then put the names of the scholars or leaders that will address to that gathering and as they will come on stage, put their names in the same order.
  • If the attendants need to know any specific instructions about the event, enlist it here such as if they are allowed to bring recording devices or if females can come as well.
  • At the end, put the information about the date, time, location and duration of that event and contact address of the in charge of this event.

Here is download link for this Religious Poster Template,
download template

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