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By | May 7, 2014

The most important thing about a movie is not the cast, director or the company who financed it, but the general audience who will see it in the theaters and cinemas. Those people will decide whether it’s a good movie or there is nothing special about it. This is the reason that when a movie is completed, the producers take keen interest in the advertisement and the publicity of the movie. This is an interesting stunt by which they create a suspicious atmosphere so that when the movie is released, people will run to the cinemas and theaters. Just like any other product in the market, a movie also need some recognition in the market to attract general audience who will later, rate the movie as a good one or bad one. A research shows that most of the people go watch a movie not because they like the cast or direction but the way the marketers advertised it and the trailers they saw before, had forced them to go the cinema and watch the film.

There are many ways to advertise a movie like television advertisements, radio announcements but the most important is; distributing movie posters. A movie poster is just like a flyer which includes an image from the movie, the name of the cast, director and the company who financed it. At the end there is a release date and the cinemas that are authorized to show the movie. Unlike any other method, it’s very easy to create a movie poster and there are many websites that offer to create it for free.

Here is preview of this Movie Poster Template created using Microsoft Word,

Movie Poster Template

But if you want you can do it by yourself. You just have to follow some simple rules such as:

General guidelines to create a movie poster:

  • The most important thing about a poster is the picture on it which attracts the people and convinces them to come closer and read the entire poster. So the image you put on the poster has to be one of a kind.
  • You should watch the whole movie or its trailer to find out the best photo which will go on the poster.
  • Below that, put the entire cast, director and launching company’s name. This part is very important so visit some website for the correct spellings and names of the cast and director.
  • Before you begin, you have to choose a color scheme for the poster and make sure that till the end, you stick to it.
  • The name of the movie should be put in very bold letters on the poster. You can either put it inside the picture or below it.
  • The company who produced the movie is very important so you have to put its name and logo on the poster in bold fonts. If there is not enough space, you can just put the logo on any corner of the picture which will save you some space.
  • The standard size for a movie poster is 27”X40” but you can go with either size depending upon the finance in your pocket and the printing paper.

Here is download link for this Movie Poster Template,

download template

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