Medical Poster Template

By | May 1, 2014

A good medical poster should express its contents in context with the situation it is presented in. This type of posters are mainly introduced and placed in scientific conferences and medical meetings in which all the attendants has to share their thoughts and research with the rest of them and as there is not enough time for each of them to fully express their ideas, they use posters which makes it easier to do a lot in relatively lesser time. These posters are showed in such meetings before they are published in any medical journal or digest to make sure if everything is in order and to point out the mistakes in them by the meeting members. Sometimes the attendants are required to make a particular sized poster which is 4 feet by 6 feet but there are some conferences which don’t bound their attendants to do so. There anyone can make any sized poster which is best according to him and the situation like if he has much to tell or needs to put everything in bigger size so everyone gets goof look on the contents.

On the other hand, the pharmaceutical companies that produce medicine use this poster to introduce their product in the market or to tell the customer to ask for their medicine in particular. You can see these medical posters hanged in different clinics or drug stores for the advertisement purposes and it includes a big picture of the medicine or a patient who needs it, the benefits of the medicine, it’s advantages over other brands and at the end, the possible side effects of using it. There are many websites that offer to create a medical poster for you but if you don’t want to pay for it, you can make one by yourself. You just have to follow some guidelines to make a professional looking medical poster.

Here is preview of this Medical Poster Template created using Microsoft Word,

Medical Poster Template

General guidelines to create a Medical Poster:

  • First of all, according to the situation you have to decide which picture you want to put on the poster. The key purpose of using this poster is that you can put a picture on it and it saves a lot of time and writing.
  • Gather all the information you want to put on the poster and put it on a rough paper to make room for everything. This way you can follow that sample and there is no need to remember anything as you have put it on the paper before.
  • Start by putting the image on the poster and make it as large as possible.
  • Below that, write the name of the medicine and the slogan of the company in bold fonts.
  • As all the products are registered by the company, you have to put the logo of the company somewhere on the poster and if there is not enough space, you can put it on the picture.
  • After that put the symptoms that show you need this product. Provide the recommended conditions for use of the medicine and if there is a possibility of a side effect; include that too along with the treatment if one is affected badly.
  • Put company’s name at the bottom of the poster in bold letters and print it using special poster printing paper.

Here is download link for this Marketing Poster Template,
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