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By | April 28, 2014

Marketing poster is one of the frequently used but effective marketing tools just like business cards, posters, newsletters etc. An attractive and well designed marketing poster will help you to get major market share. Eye-catching poster will help you to target right person at right time. Use of marketing poster is one of the best marketing strategies, specifically for those who have limited marketing budget. Successful and effective poster can bring positive results for you therefore, it is important to plan everything carefully by considering your target audience. An effective poster can easily capture the attention of passing by people. Marketing poster should be designed in a way to bring your products and services in limelight.

Here is preview of this Marketing Poster Template created using Microsoft Word,

Marketing Poster Template

Tips to Design Marketing Posters

Marketing posters serve as important tool for the success of your marketing campaigns therefore careful planning is always required. Following are some tips that will help you to design an effective marketing poster:

  • Marketing poster should focus on your basic purpose behind the designing of poster. For instance, you want your customer to purchase something; it is your responsibilities to present your product according to the mentality of your target audience. You want to advertise vacant vacancy or want donations for a noble task, highlight your basic purpose in the poster.
  • Carefully draft a compelling message according to the mindset of your target audience. The reader should feel that you are directly talking with him/her. Address their problems and link their solutions with your products and services.
  • Carefully choose color of your marketing poster according to the color of your product or color scheme of old advertising materials of your organization. Use a unique style to represent your organization in positive light and to establish a brand name for your product.
  • Mention benefits and possible uses of your products as well as services. Size of the poster will be based on the length of your message. You want to increase your sales pitch, it is important to review old marketing efforts and consider their flaws to have a perfect plan this time.
  • Language of your poster should be user-friendly and for this purpose you can consider national language of the target audience. It will be good to design your poster in two languages to increase its accessibility. It will enable you to grab the attention of maximum customer toward your products and services.
  • Always provide true facts and figures on your marketing poster to stand out in the crowd. Do not forget to mention life cycle of your products and services. You can share manufacturing process of your products to increase the satisfaction level of your clients.
  • Design a tagline or slogan for your business to persuade your target market. You can include important images of your products with a small caption for each image to explain importance of your products. You can compare your products with the similar products available in the market but do not use abusive language for the products of your competitors.

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