Infographics Poster Template

By | April 22, 2014

Infographic is a famous way for the presentation of focused information on a specific subject through online medium like internet. There is no specific size and format for infographics but usually long and slender image files are used for infographics. Usually, 600 pixels wide and thousands of pixels long JPEG file is being used. You can use different software to combine text and images in one page of any size. Infographics allow readers to easily digest and understand complex data, because it is a better way to present your information. You can easily garner interest of reader by providing good headlines and interesting photographs. Dreary and complex graphics can decrease the importance of your poster but infographics will help you to present everything effectively.

Here is preview of this Infographics Poster Template created using Microsoft Word,

Infographics Poster Template

Tips to Design Infographics Poster

Following are some useful tips that will help you to design an effective infographic poster to get desired results with your efforts:

Be Concise

It is an impressive idea to design infographic to covey your message. It is important way to convey even a boring message in interesting way. Be specific and concise because people are not interested to read stories. You have to include important facts and details to grab the attention of target market. Always remember that you are writing poster not a research paper so design a targeted message according to your target audience.

Be Careful About Visual Effects

Set final look of your infographic poster and decide everything according to it. Your poster will be the combination of graphics and text message therefore it is important to choose a perfect layout to highlight important message with images. Your selected images should support main message of the poster.

Use Smart Approach

Data and its explanation should be adjusted rightly into infographics so that your reader can easily understand right message without struggling too hard. There is no need to test the reading skills of your reader by providing hidden text because readers are intelligent enough to understand a professional layout so design a professional infographics poster.

Be Transparent

Infographics can lead your reader to wrong conclusion therefore it is important to be careful while designing infographics poster. Site your data source on the poster so that the reader can dig deeper information according to their desire.

Make Your Poster Unique

Do not use unnecessary charts, graphs and bars because these can decrease the effectiveness of your poster. Put stress on the visual style to highlight important data to communicate right message to target audience.

Be Accurate

It is important to consider geometry and visual difference while designing infographics poster. Size and shapes of images is important to settle according to the requirements and size of poster. You should get required space after adjusting images to write contents of your poster. Do not try to dominate your poster with images because wrong size and shape of image can spoil your all efforts of designing infographics poster.

You have to search right visual style to share data in right manner. You can use mix visual style to increase the understanding of your message.

Here is download link for Infographics Poster Template,
download template

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