Parenthood Plan Template

By | November 4, 2015

It is very uncommon and rare in the Eastern countries like Pakistan, India and gulf countries that parents get divorce after that have 1 or more than one kids but they try to stay in the marriage as long as it’s possible where on the other hand, divorce is very common in Western and European cultures where parents usually don’t care about their children as much they care about their love life and personal satisfactions. It is very common that even if a family has 3 or 4 kids, the father decides to leave the family and start a new relationship with some other woman or when the mother decides to marry someone else because she doesn’t love her present husband anymore.

If that happens, it won’t be a problem if they don’t have any kids but most of the time, when parents get separated, the kids are the ones that bear the most pain and get stressed by the separation of their parents. To solve that problem and to keep the parents in contact with their children, governments have introduced parenthood plans.

A parenthood plan starts as soon the parents decide to get divorce and one of them moves out of the house. Even if they are separated but still married, they both have the right to meet and spend time with their children on equal basis and it’s up to the court that who will get the custody of the kids after the marriage finally ends. Parenthood plan here comes handy as it defines some ground rules for both of the parents regarding their duties, responsibilities and rights of the other parent on the kids.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Parenthood Plan Template created using MS Word,

Parenthood Plan Template

Elements that a Parenthood Plan must have:

  • Describe the time duration that the parents are required to spend with their children.
  • In case of separation, it includes the time that the children will spend with one parent and then the timeframe to handover the kids to the other parent.
  • In case of separation, it describes the rules that how each parent can stay in contact with the children and how much time they can spend with each other by any mean i.e. telephone, email or video calling.
  • It defines how the holidays and vacations should be allocated around the year (with which parent, the kids will spend their holidays and vacations each year)
  • It describes what will happen if one parent cancels his or her plans on the last minute or gets late to pickup or to leave the children to another parent.
  • It also includes what will happen if one or both parents get married again and how the kids will spend their time after that situation.
  • This plan helps to define who will pay for the education and medical expenses of children and who will be responsible for paying for the insurance of the kids.
  • It provides the information about who will take care of the child if he gets sick or diagnosed with a serious disease.

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