Quality Control Plan Template

By | December 22, 2013

Quality plans are written to specify the standards by following which, companies complete their product manufacturing process. All businesses are running with the idea of providing best and quality services and products to end clients. When a company meets or exceeds the customer’s expectation it becomes the evaluation of company’s performance and ensures that timely completion of product according to the customer’s demand is ready to ensure company’s success in upcoming future. For remaining competitive and meeting all challenges of markets, continuously improvement in quality standards is necessary. Due to all these factors, quality plans are created.

Quality plan plays very crucial role in success of your business and is specifically designed for that project should be written. These plans are written to specify the standards that should be met in products’ preparation. If you find thoroughness in your quality plan then it is the guarantee of quality assurance that will lead you to meet all your customers’ satisfaction. Here is preview of Quality Control Plan Template,

Quality Control Plan Template

While writing a quality plan for manufacturing products, you should try to follow points that are going to be described as under:

  • Your quality plan must have to describe overarching management responsibility of you firm including what kind of documentation would be required as per quality management system that is already in place.
  • Techniques using which products are being created, designed and their specifications are specified, must be cleared and managed. Your quality plan must have clear outline of reviews of all these design elements along with check and approval of management on these elements.
  • Your manufacturing quality plan must include all processes of documents through which your project is being controlled.
  • During completion of your products, what kind of external processes will be needed along with materials and parts used for completion of this product. Required external processes must be documented and validated for getting surety that quality is maintained by the direct control of project management team.
  • Corrective and action procedures, nonconformance reporting with proper inspection must all be the parts of your action plan. Results of inspection testing and results of nonconformance of the product should be added to your quality plans along with the means of these results. If you will have predetermined quality procedures, you will not waste your time at all and will never feel embarrassment of customer’s rejection.
  • What techniques or methods you are going to use for maintenance of quality records is the important part of your quality plan. You should not forget to add quality audit details over here. Data storage medium must be clearly defined in your quality plan that will ensure presence of quality records during and after completion of products. For every phase of your product, quality audit must be mentioned and well planned by creating a schedule to be met by team members.

If you will follow above described steps for creating quality plan for your products, you will surely lead your organization towards 100% success with guaranteed results and meeting your customers’ satisfaction.

Here is download link for this Quality Control Plan Template,

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