Business Plan Template for NGOs

By | December 22, 2013

NGOs are non-profitable organizations that are getting very popular day by day. They provide lots of facilitation to the people for which people like to fund these organizations. Success of any NGO highly depends on funding amount that it is gaining per annum. Although, starting up a non-profitable organization can be proved lengthy and time consuming process. If you want to start up your own NGO, you can minimize difficulties of this process if you will follow a consistent series of steps. Before getting started with this option, you must have predefined objectives and goals your NGO will be met and what services will be targeted to provide to communities and people.

Here is preview of a simple yet professionally created Business Plan Template for NGos using Microsoft Word,

Business Plan Template

Some guidelines are going to be shared with you that will further help you making your NGO plan not only successful but will provide your organization with clear path to be followed. These guidelines are as follows:

  • You must have clear overview and plan of objectives of your NGO. What services your organization will provide to communities is an important matter to be considered before getting started. What your business wants and how much financing would be involved in its success are basic questions you should have clear answers about. Brief description of business opportunities along with expected obstacles that you will be required to overcome are important elements that must be present in your NGO plan.
  • What experiences and capabilities does your firm have? You should write in NGO plan your current business accomplishments and past experiences along with accomplishments. You should leave a room in your document to mention work force experience and capabilities for giving clear idea about your business potential.
  • Next step is of adding marketing plan and forecast in which you must have to define marketing objectives your organization will attempt to attain. While adding this marketing plan, you must also include analysis of competitive environment to make your business plan a concrete document.
  • List all issues and conflictions that your NGO will address to get resolve faced by communities. You should target here the areas in which your NGO will work. How much funding will be available for ensuring smooth working of your firm, will also be added to your NGO plan.
  • If you feel that specifying your target community will make your business plan concrete and powerful, you should add it here. You should also mention here how much experienced and how many staff you will hire for effectively operating your NGO.
  • Your NGO must be registered with public authorities of the country and registering it with your target community will help you a lot for running it effectively. When you will register your NGO, some details about building trust, program and project effectiveness, and bringing about real change etc. will be key items that must define purpose of your NGO. It will further help you gaining proper donation required to ensure smooth running of your organization.  You will surely get its quick registration and will easily start your work.

Here is download link for this Business Plan Template for NGOs,


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