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By | April 15, 2014

It can be quite interesting to plan a party menu because a perfect and elegant menu can increase the joy of your celebrations. Although party planning involves hundreds of details but the most important facet is party menu that will make your party planning easy. Menu will help you to throw an elegant party to increase the charm of your celebrations. Party menu should be planned carefully after considering the appetizer and the palettes of the guests. You can create a customized party menu by including all-important dishes that you want to prepare for the party guests. It will help you to prepare list of all ingredients that are essential to purchase.

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Party Menu Template

Tips to Design Party Menu

It is impossible to throw a wonderful party without a well-designed party menu that will help you to list important ingredients required to prepare different delicious food items for party:

  • It is important to deem the specific dietetic needs and necessities of party attendees such as if you have some vegetarians in the crowd then you have to consider vegan dishes for the guests.It will be good to know about the allergies of the guests with any special ingredients.
  • You should have starters in the party to provide munch to guests while waiting for the lunch. Stomachs of your guests always look for yummy food items so start with good snacks like pretzels and nuts.You can serve vegetable tray with delicious dipsbecause health conscious people prefer this as snacks. Bacon wrapped scallops can also make your guests excited.
  • You can consider the time of party while deciding the meals such as party items for the winter season will be different from the choices of summer season. You can serve tasty sandwiches with cucumber, cheese and chicken with traditional English pastries in the afternoon tea party. You can prepare finger foods with fish, chicken or beef.
  • Theme party will prove best now a day because these parties are planned around a specific theme and make it easy to plan menu for the party. Hawaiian luau is a famous theme and around this party theme you can tailor a great menu. You can include grilling seafood and pineapple in the menu with matching decorations and beverages. Do not forget to write the dress code in the party invitation.
  • For the birthday party of your kids you can create finger food menu with easy-to-eat and yummy treats for the kids. Prepare healthy snacks for kids such as fruits, cheese and crackers. Children like to eat mini grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza bites with ice cream, frozen chocolate and banana dips.
  • Some people have allergies with some specific ingredients so you have to investigate about it from your guests before making your party menu. Try to offer different choices to your guests so that they can get their favorite food item.
  • Do not focus on the dietary needs and health conditions of one person such as if your uncle is vegetarian then do not compose your menu around his preferences. Include combination of vegetarian and meat dishes in your menu to please all guests.

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