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By | April 12, 2014

Cocktail is a mixture of drinks with alcohol and lots of people like to include these in their parties. A cocktail party is specially organized with variety of drinks and some finger foods. If you want to organize a cocktail party then it is necessary to design a cocktail menu. This menu is also used as part of formal restaurant menu and helps you to organize a private dinner party according to the requirements of your customers. There are some important principles that should be kept in mind while designing a cocktail menu. Your menu should be easy to read and understand so that your customers can easily follow it.

Successful cocktail party menu will help you to arrange all necessary items and in this way it will save your time and energy. It is necessary to include light, tasty, sophisticated and clean finger food in your cocktail menu. You can keep balance of traditional and modern items in you menu according to the taste of your guests. Try to offer large varieties of snacks and drinks to entertain all guests. It is necessary to have plenty of napkins, cocktail crockery and all important stuffs. Today I will share some important tips to help you in designing of perfect cocktail menu:

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Cocktails Menu Template

Tips to Design Cocktail Menu

  1. Cocktail menu should be interesting enough for viewers so use interesting fonts, images of drinks and description of food items. You can use stylish fonts instead of standard fonts this will look really different.
  2. Avoid using more than two to three fonts because lots of fonts will cause clutter and confusion. Two to three colors are enough because plenty of colors will distract the attention of readers.
  3. It will be good to group items properly for the convenience of your customers such as red wines should be group together and white wines should be available under same group.
  4. Mixed drinks can be grouped under a different heading and food items should be spot under different categories. Categorization will increase the effectiveness of your cocktail menu.
  5. Try to list all foods on separate page so that reader can conveniently find his/her required food item. Classify all items alphabetically so that reader can easily find what he/she wants.
  6. You can offer some suggestions about the combination of food items, wines or any other drinks. For instance, salted almonds work really well with vodka.
  7. Write name of special food items in your menu and provide concise description of each food item so that readers can easily select his/her favorite food items.
  8. Use evocative words such as natural, luminous or freshly squeezed because these will help you to attract customers. Write major ingredients of the food item because all customer want to know it.
  9. Meat and cheese platter should be an important part of cocktail party so does not forget to include them in your cocktail menu because these are savior for cocktail party.
  10. Desserts including brownie bites, classic cookies, spoons, chocolate, cupcakes, marshmallows etc. should be included in your cocktail party menu.

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