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By | April 5, 2014

Birthday the most important day of your life therefore everyone including you want to spend it with friends and family members. Combination of food, decorations and interesting activities can make your birthday party awesome. This whole process requires planning and handsome amount of money but you can do it within your budget with proper menu planning. Birthday menu should be designed in advance according to the theme and guests of the party. You can opt for buffet for casual celebrations but if you want a fancy party then you can pick gourmet dinner theme. A great birthday menu is required for a wonderful party so it is important for you to know about the food allergies of the guests and include different choices in the menu to entertain all.

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Birthday Menu Template

Various Choices for Birthday Menu

It is essential to consider your budget in advance before choosing any theme for birthday menu. Following are some famous birthday menu themes that may help you in the designing of right birthday menu:

Finger Food Buffet

Buffet is considered a best way to satisfy large crowd as you can include variety of dishes in the menu. People eat more in the buffet as compare to casual meals and this can cost more than a catered meal. Finger food buffet proves really best for the casual style parties as it let the guests to mingle while eating.

Famous finger foods that can be included in the birthday menu are “Stuffed Potato Skins, Chicken Fingers, Potato Fries, Bacon Quiches, Jalapeno Poppers Stuffed with Cheese, Tomatoes Stuffed with Cherries, Sliced Fruit, Backed or Fried Veggies and Wide variety of dipping sauces”.

Birthday cake can be served as dessert but you can serve some additional treats also. You can opt for cookies, brownies and chocolate coated nuts. Fresh juices, water, different variety of coffee and tea as well as soda can be served in the birthday party.

Gourmet Dinner

If you are going to throw evening birthday party then gourmet dinner will be a fancy choice for you. This will be a best way to entertain large as well as small crowds and only an active host can manage gourmet dinner. You can include prosciutto swathed asparagus tips, rosemary-garlic crushed potatoes, peppered feta biscuits and raspberry endive salad with white chardonnay salad vinaigrettes.

Birthday cake can be served with additional treats like lava cakes, chilled tiramisu, whiskey pecan bread-pudding and strawberry mint sorbet. Espresso, Italian sodas and different wines can be served in the beverage section.

Picnic Lunch

If your birthday comes in warm summer days then it is great way to take advantage of this season and throw an outdoor party with picnic dishes. Fried chicken, sandwiches, grilled hot dogs, hamburgers as well as barbecue chicken and different other varieties can be included in the birthday menu. You can also include butter milk, fruit salad, cupcakes, brownies and cookies in the desserts while the drinks may include water, iced tea, lemon juice, cold coffee and soda pop.

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