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By | September 6, 2014

An interoffice memo or memorandum is a document in written form that is used as a communications tool between the employees and employer and can written by any of them. It is also known as inter-company memo because it is widely used to circulate important work related information within an organization, company or office. Interoffice memos are just like business letters but the difference is you can only use them in the office or the company while business letters are used to convey messages to people outside the business. Interoffice memo is usually used to make announcements, change in procedures, meeting schedules and other special events like training sessions and seminars etc. Creating an effective interoffice memo is not a big deal and takes very short time. These days, due to the access of the internet, interoffice memos are used to circulate via email. Interoffice memos are widely used for matters that are really serious and of great importance because it is the concrete type of message with less chances of getting errors and ignorance. For writing an effective interoffice memo, one must consider a few key points.

Here is preview of Interoffice Memo Template,

Interoffice Memo Template

Standard format

The most important thing for writing an effective interoffice memo is the format of the memo. Usually, companies use their own templates for writing interoffice memos but in case your company is new and there is no template for a memo then a perfect and standard format of writing an interoffice memo is.

Company/Organization Logo


To: write the name and details of the recipient, if you are writing it to a group or team, then write the name of the leader, manager or supervisor of the team.

From: write complete details of the sender including name, designation, contact information etc.

Subject: In one or two lines, write the purpose of the memo or the title or issue about which you are going to discuss.

Body: finally, write in detail the entire issue, possible solutions, required actions and expected outcomes. Make sure the body of the emo is about one page because more than one page is a suitable option for writing reports. The body of the interoffice memo will also include an introductory paragraph, a closing paragraph and a positive ending note.

Use action words

An interoffice memo is a formal communication tool therefore it should be written in a professional tone and action words. There are lots of action words that are commonly used in the business world and the use of such words can make your memo more understandable and fluent. Try to use simple words instead of using jargons. The sentence structure should be consistent and fluent.

Use bullets

For important and key points of the memo use bullets as bullets will make your memo readable and will help the employees in understanding the areas of emphasize.

Proofread before sending and printing

After completing your interoffice memo, proofread it to eliminate any kind of possible spelling and grammar errors.  Do not forget to attach important attachments before sending the memo via email.

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