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By | September 26, 2015

Unlike a hairdresser or a beauty salon, SPA offers various kinds of different services. For example, you go in a salon and get your hair done but in a SPA, you can get your hair done while getting a manicure and pedicure and after wards, you can also get a massage followed by a steam bath in the hot room. This explains that a SPA has different kinds of services and it’s very important to display these services so that the customers can see what kind of services they can get in a particular SPA. Most of the SPAs have menus that are given to the customers as they walk in but some of them also have SPA price lists that are both put on the counter and are given to the customers who visit the SPA. If you run a SPA and want to get a SPA price for your business, you can visit internet and see if you like any readymade designs or you can also design a unique SPA price list by yourself.

Essential Elements to include in the SPA Price List:

  • Name of the SPA with trademark and registration number
  • Street address of the SPA with contact numbers
  • Timing of SPA i.e. from 12pm to 8pm
  • Name of the manager or supervisor or owner of the SPA
  • List of the services offered by the SPA
  • Prices for each of the listed services on the list
  • Discount offers (if the SPA offers any)
  • Signature of the owner of the SPA

Here is preview of a Free Sample SPA Price List Template created using MS Word,

Spa Price List Template

Useful Tips for Creating a SPA Price List:

  • Analyze what you should add on the list:
    Before you start the design, find out what kind of content will go on the list. You can visit the internet and see some SPA price list samples to see what the list should look like. This way you can see if you can manage the designing or you need professional help.
  • Gather the required details on a rough draft:
    When you find out the content that you want to put on the list, gather those details and make a rough draft or sample of the list. This way you can see if everything will fit on the list or you have to include most important details first.
  • Start by selecting the color scheme for the list:
    Start the design by selecting a good color scheme for the list. Keep in mind that although you should use bright colors, there is no need to use more than 3-4 colors because you don’t want to make the list messy and difficult to read. In the same manner, never use more than two types of fonts on the list.
  • Include the required details on the list:
    Now that you select the theme of the list and the colors for the written content, it’s time to put the details on the list. You can either make sections for each kind of information or just put different details on each page in order to keep them separate.

Here is download link for this SPA Price List Template,
Download SPA Price List Template

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