Sample Love Letter

By | April 8, 2013

The most easiest, simple and fun letter on the face of the planet is a romantic letter because of writing a romantic letter you do not need to use formal letter writing methods and professional and action words. In a romantic letter, the writer just has to write his/her own warm feelings in simple and straight forward words. Everyone is clear about his/her feelings however, sometimes people are facing difficulties in writing love letters as they then do not find the perfect words for showing their emotions. Here are certain useful tips that will definitely help you in writing and effective and attractive romantic letter that will definitely fascinate your lover.

Be Fearless

The biggest thing that usually stops people from writing a romantic letter is the inner fear. People usually think about the reaction and feedback of the recipient and so become confused in writing love letters. Be fearless, because it is not your headache what the recipient will think about you and of course no one can accurately predict the reaction of another person. Write everything you are feeling for a particular person and let him/her know about your delicate feelings. Always remember, love is a sincere feeling and not a business in which you have to expect love in return, just declare your love as it is the most romantic thing.

Always write in your native language

For writing an effective romantic letter, always opt your native language because this will help you in writing your feelings and emotions easily. Mother tongue or native languages are the perfect means to put all the feelings of your heart on paper.

Here is preview of this sample Love Letter to help you write your own,

Sample Love Letter

Start writing

For writing any kind of letter one needs to have a good and quality stationary, same is the case of writing a romantic letter. First of all choose a decent and superior quality paper, one can easily find letter pads at book shops in different colors and patterns. Always choose a light color, light pink background with red roses on the top or sides can be a perfect match. Get a smooth writing fountain pen with black ink and a soft and crisp letter envelope. All these things will increase the charm of your romantic letter. Always try to write romantic letters in your own handwriting because printouts and word documents are looking like something formal and professional.

Choose a quiet and relaxing place and suitable time

Before writing a romantic letter, choose quiet, calm and fresh place where no one can disturb you. Places that are close to nature are a good choice because this will make you calm and relax and will help you in writing your feelings decently. Choose a suitable time for writing a romantic letter, it should be the one when you are feeling light and relax. Never try to write a romantic letter when you are feeling stressed.

Some important steps

  • Do not forget to write the date on the top of the letter.
  • List some good points of your beloved that you really like, this will make him/her to realize his/her importance in your life.
  • Never write a very long love letter as this will make your reader overwhelming.
  • Check your spelling before folding the letter in the envelope.

Here is download link for this Sample Love Letter,

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