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By | January 5, 2014

Delivering ordered products through some cargo company is a standard procedure of advanced business. Here in this process one who orders an item and asks the vendor or seller to deliver that product at his doorstep. Now it’s up to that seller if he delivers that product by his own or hires a third party to do so. Either way it’s important to deliver the package with maximum care so that the long journey or several carriers don’t damage the items inside the parcel. To keep the product safe, the vendor sometimes attach an instruction manual on the box which includes particular conditions such as “to carry with bottom support” or “keep away from direct sunlight”. Same as the above mentioned instructions, a seller puts a label on the box that says “this side up” and it tells the carrier or the receiver not to carry the parcel in any other way and always keep the mentioned side upwards. This provides maximum security to the package and by doing so; the vendor ensures that the product arrives at the buyer’s doorstep in its original form, without any damage.

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This Side Up Label Template

Many companies produce such products which remain the same only if they are delivered in a specific way like if you produce a decoration piece; you have to put that on the box that the carrier and receiver should keep a specific side upwards so that there won’t be any damage to the inside. Or your company makes jam which is delivered to the other cities via cargo and you have a definite idea that if the box is carried upside down, the jam jars will pop open and that will ruin everything inside. This explains why a company puts a “this side up” label on a box and it’s an essential thing not only a standard procedure.

There are many websites which offer to create this label and you don’t have to pay a lot for it but if you don’t want that, you can create one by your own. It’s also very necessary if your company is not that big or you don’t have much finance to support such an extra process. Making this label by yourself may sound like a complicated process but you just have to follow some simple guidelines such as:

General guidelines to create a “this side up” label for your company:

  • Businesses use this kind of label to advertise their products or services they produce so you should think of doing so too. It’s very hard to compete with other similar brands and you should use each available method of advertising your company.
  • This shipment will go through a lot of bad conditions like wet weather or constant sunshine so you better make the label waterproof to keep the writing safe.
  • If you want to use it as publicity mean, you should start the label by putting your company’s name and logo on the top.
  • Below that, put details of the products inside the box such as if its crystal or has delicate parts which can be easily ruined by a little mishandling. Add a statement such as “this side up” on the label which tells that the inside items are fragile and you have to keep a specific side upwards or the inside item(s) will be ruined.
  • Once you are done, stick the label on the upper side of the box so it’s easily readable by both cargo staff and the receiver.

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