Flyer Template with Tear Off Tabs

By | September 10, 2016

Flyers with tear off tabs are simple flyers with pull off tabs at the bottom of the flyer that allow readers to tear them off and to keep them in their wallet for future use. Such rip off tabs are very small in size like a visiting card that easily fit in your pocket and wallet and help them to remember the advertisement. Usually, the tear off tabs have the contact information written on it or a special offer that is made by a club or an organization for its customer eliminating the need of writing down the information as well as of getting tokens and cards from other retailers or their representatives. Flyers with tear off tabs help you to achieve your goal in a faster manner and allow you to spread and communicate a message, offer a product and service and to promote an event or a business. Flyers with tear off or rip off tabs are very effective as they make your work easy and are suitable for any kind of advertising or messaging purposes.

The addition of tear off tabs in flyers are known as a common, cost effective yet popular and working idea that is being used by lots of businesses and people and has enjoyed its utmost benefits and long lasting results. The addition of tear off tabs to a flyer doesn’t cost you too much and is not a difficult task and anyone who has basic computer skills and an understanding of Microsoft word can create and design an attractive and effective flyer with pull of tabs. Anyone who wants to use flyers for the promotion of bands, clubs, parties or sports events can create a perfect and attention grabbing flyer just within a few minutes.

Here is preview of this Flyer Template with Tear-Off Tabs,

Flyer Template with Tear-off Tabs


How to create a Flyer with Tear Off Tabs

  • Create a flyer of your own choice and include all the information in the body of the flyer in a style that make it readable, attractive, eye catching and decent.
  • Use bold and sharp colors to make it attractive and include all the main and basic information in the body that you want to communicate to your audience.
  • Like usual flyers add photos, images and other items to complete the main body of the flyer and then go for the tear off tabs.
  • For creating tear off tabs, give properly spacing on the same document page and insert a table at the bottom of the page. Ensure the flyer must be on a single page.
  • The table must be as long as you want to put information in it. Merge all the cells of the table to make it simple and then write your contact information including mailing address, phone number, email etc.
  • The tear off tabs at the bottom of the flyer must be simple and the text on it must be bold and clear. Choose a perfect font style and size for the rip off tabs.
  • Review the flyer before printing and then choose a good size for the flyer.

Here is download link for this Flyer Template with Tear-off Tabs,

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