Sports Flyer Template

By | March 7, 2013

Flyers are attractive, quick and affordable advertising tools with which one can inform people for an upcoming event. The Flyers can be created for the promotion of a business or for the announcement of a particular event as well as flyers are commonly used for sports events all around the world. Sport flyers are the most common type of flyers that are created for the promotion of a sport event and athlete. Here are a couple of very useful tips for creating sports flyers for a sport event of your school, community or office.

The first step in creating a sport flyer is the selection of the design according to the type of the sport event. If you are using a flyer making software then go to the design library and choose a template that suits your event like basketball theme, cricket etc. Moreover, you have to consider the colors and lettering style for your sport flyer. It is good to choose bold colors and fancy letters as they will help you in attention grabbing of the people. Standard black color is a good option for letters with a colorful background like golden, yellow, sky blue etc.

Here is preview of this Sports Flyer Template created using Microsoft Word 2010,

Sports Flyer Template

Include an attractive and killing headline

The design of a sport flyer will just attract the eyes of the people but what make them compelled to read the sport flyer from A to Z is the headline of your flyer. Try to add something that forces the reader to read the flyer with care and attention. For the headline of your sports flyer you can use words of any popular radio station, TV show or an advertisement that you think is loved by the people.

Include some great and real photos

It is the nature of humans that they become attracted towards images and photos instead of plain text documents or flyer. For a sport flyer, include some real photos of the participants, the location and other features of the event. This will make your flyer attractive and will increase the chances of the audience for the event.

Include relative and useful information

Never make your sport flyer as long as a complete essay and try to include to the point and important information about the event. It is important to highlight the phone number, website URL and email address for further details and inquires. Clearly mention the date, time and the location of the event for the comfort of people.

Decide the amount of copies

Once you complete your sport flyer, it’s time to decide how many copies you have to print. Once you decide the number of copies of your sports flyer then you have to access any cost effective printing press. Usually laser printing is a best option for printing large numbers at low cost.

Distribution of the flyers

Once you create your sports flyer, it’s time to distribute them and to make them accessible for many people. Choose some proper channels of distribution while keeping in mind your audience. If the sport flyer is designed for a sport event of a school, it is best to distribute the flyers visiting other institutes.

Here is download link for this Sports Flyer Template,

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