Open House Flyer Template

According to a website survey, about 50% people are organizing open house events as a source of information for those who are in search of house and apartments for purchasing. Being an agent of a large real estate business or as an owner of a small real estate agency, it is their biggest responsibility to provide relative information to your clients in a professional and detailed manner. For a successful open house event a good and effective starting is important that is only possible with the help of using creative and unique open house flyers. Well written, thoroughly designed and decently detailed flyers can be a good and effective start of any open house event. Usually the open house flyers are loaded with information that the agent or the owner of the real estate agent will be delivered in the event. It is a good option in another way that it will help the readers and attendants of the event to remember the important points of the event.

The type of invitation to an open house event is free where everyone is offered to attend and an open house flyer is a simple, inexpensive and faster way to get a decent crowd of attendants to the event. It is important to make the flyers available for people about twenty of twenty five days before the event. The flyers are ideal solutions for getting good offers for the purchase of a house as potential buyers have all the information in a written form that they can easily use in future. It is good to supply the open house flyers in two or three places including the place where the open house event will be held. Open house flyers are an ideal choice for agents as in this way they can get the desired level of offers and prices from potential buyers.

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Open House Flyer Template

Creating an open house flyer is quite simple that anyone can easily create by considering a couple of important points.

Include appropriate information

For an effective open house flyer it is important to list all the important and appropriate details of the open house event like the location of the house(s) or apartment(s), the price you want to get, preview the prices of other house in the same area but try to demand a comparatively low price, describe the details of the house like the numbers of bedrooms, living room another features etc.

Choose a right date and location

For conducting an open house event choose a right date and a good location. Choose a date which has no historic importance like mother’s day, holiday, Christmas etc.

Craft the flyer decently

The design and look of the open house flyer should be decent and attractive. Cream and plain white backgrounds are ideal, use basic black text because the purpose of an open house flyer is just to inform people about an event not a promotion. Do not forget to add the logo of your agency on the top of the flyer and add a decent, attractive and large size image of the house. Use bullets for highlighting major information and details of the house to make them readable.

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