Fax Cover Sheet Template

By | November 20, 2013

Fax is a powerful tool to communicate with your clients, business partner, friends, relatives and other persons, immediately and less costly with no fear of being deleted by pressing a button. Use of fax officially facilitates a rapid communication and enhances the services from both sides and increases revenues ultimately.

Here is a good quality Fax Cover Sheet Template that can easily help you to create professional fax covers effectively,

Fax Cover Sheet Template

Following points should be kept in consideration for more effective communication while sending faxes.

  • Headline of fax is important part for getting attention of receiver that enhances the value of your fax. Heading related to your industry or target market always captures attention powerfully. Text must be short and to the point which is able to bring into play attention at once.
  • Message body ought to be concentrated on the main offer and should be clear and easy to understand including headings and paragraphs as such messages are more capable of getting response because people are often running short of time.
  • Fax should contain all possible means to contact you for instance phone number, fax number to reply, email or any website address to visit that motivate reader to respond you. In other words it should provide means to take the needed action for receiver which will enhance correspondence.
  • While writing a fax be vigilant about the use of correct grammar as it not only enhances the understanding but also have a powerful impact on reader that helps to appeal to respond your offer.
  • Written communication is quite different from oral or face to face communication as it can’t use the body language or any eye contact for effective communication so you have to select suitable and powerful words than can convey your message in its full sense. Also use the courtesy words in your faxes to express your emotions and tone of speech.
  • Coherence is a quality of well structured fax as it maintains a logical flow of information in subject matter. Make sure that fax contains all necessary information for a fruitful communication.
  • Avoid the use of SMS language instead use a proper language without any grammatical and spelling mistakes which is easy to read and understand by reader to evolve a good response.
  • Stay away from using colors in your faxes and send it in black and white mode as fax machines have a poor response to colors as it also consumes ink for the interspersed black and white dots and create an image with bad impact. Best results can be obtained by using pure black and white color in your fax.
  • Complex images must be avoided to use as they take extensive time to send out and print and also produce low quality images which have lost many details.
  • While writing fax font size and style also should be regarded as a compulsory measure. Font size should be trouble-free and font style uncomplicated so that reader can read fax effortlessly. Consider quality of text as it depicts you, your product and service in front of client. Avoid sending white text on black background as it will be exhaustive for eyes and make your reader feel uncomfortable.

Here is download link for this Fax Cover Sheet Template,
Download Template

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