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By | March 14, 2015

With invent of new technologies, the risk to life, property and other valuables have also increased to a larger extent. The cost of living has increased over period of time and people are spending huge amounts of money on valuables including vehicles, property etc. When turning our eye to business world this monetary perspective shifts from needle to elephant and the amounts are of huge value, which makes the risk even greater. Insurance companies provide sight of relief for such people who are worried about their investments, which have high risks of loss. People pay the insurance fees periodically and insurance company ensures their losses are recovered if any mishaps are occurring.

Insurance certificate is such a document, which proves that an individual or a company has bought an insurance service, which will cover certain scenarios, where they might face a risk. These include life, property, business, vehicular and other such cases. An insurance certificate has several uses amongst which one main use is the proof that one has availed certain insurance facility for certain scope, since there is no other proof in this world rather than documentation. Insurance certificates are also made to claim an insurance company for any occurred losses. These certificates are then presented to the company in lieu of which the company then pays or makes arrangements for the insured individual or company. These certificates can be made on the basis of the nature of insurance whether vehicular, medical, life, investment or business and other types. These certificates of insurance however cannot be transferred from one person to another or one company to another since insurances are provided on some specific grounds which can vary from one scenario to other and hence is the transfer is not acceptable by the insurance companies at all.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Insurance Certificate Template created using MS Word,

Insurance Certificate Template

To design an insurance certificate companies provide certain details depending upon the type of insurance. It is a practical fact that a vehicular insurance certificate will be contrastingly different from a life insurance certificate and an investment or business insurance certificate to be totally unlike a health insurance certificate. However few important points should be kept in mind in creating whichever insurance certificate one is planning to create. A few important points in the process are:

  • The certificate is a detailed document so the formatting should be simplest and most used form is a plain page with black font.
  • Insurance certificates are usually divided in several portions in a table form where certain details are mentioned.
  • The top is comprised of insurance company name, logo and other details.
  • The top also mentions any important note relevant to the nature of insurance.
  • Following the above portions the information of insurance applicant is included in full.
  • Information related to the details of insurance are mentioned afterwards. These details will vary from one type to the other of insurance. Life insurance will have its own respective detail requirements and vehicle insurance will have its own.
  • The terms and conditions applicable to the nature of insurance are mentioned afterwards. Make sure that every term applicable is mentioned here so that no confusion arises among the parties on a later stage.
  • Signatures of both the company representative and the applicant are to be acquired at the end of these certificates so leave spaces accordingly.
  • Any terms, which might lead to the cancellation of this insurance policy, must be mentioned.
  • Any legal terms applicable must be included in insurance certificates.

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