Employment Certificate Template

By | March 12, 2015

Employment certificate is an important document in anyone’s professional life. This is a certification or proof of the fact that one is employed. Employment certificates are to be issued by the employers, which are companies in most of the cases. Employment certificate mentions necessary details about one employ, which includes the time period for which he or she had been employed in that very company. Furthermore it includes performance details and the conduct of an employ during his or her serving period in that company. Human Resource department of any company upon request of employs issues employment certificates.

Employment certificate is not just a piece of paper which serves as an employment proof in fact it is a really important document which is required for multiple purposes. First of all, if one is applying for a new job, an employment certificate is required to be presented to the new employer as a work experience proof and also to give them a good idea about performance of one employ in the previous company. Now-a-days due to excessive fraudulent cases in the banking sector, banks do not allow loans, large financial value accounts and credit cards unless there is a proof that one is a legitimate employ and has reasonable income to support such type of financial resources, so employment certificate also comes in handy in such situations. Another use of employment certificate is where people want to continue their education but some certain courses require prior field experience; so an employment certificate in such cases provides the required criteria of experience. Employment certificates are extensively used in other such cases and also in situations of legal nature or cases pertaining to court of law. Employment certificates also discuss the conduct of an employ so it really is an important document.

Here is preview of a free sample Employment Certificate Template created using MS Word,

Employment Certificate Template

Every company has its own employment certificate designed for its employs. This is mostly done by the Human Resource department; people in Human Resource department can also have it designed from some other professional. However designing it is not very difficult due to availability of several computer software applications; one only needs to take care of few important points:

  • Employment certificates are little bit detailed ones, so the best suited and suggested orientation is portrait. This is a common practice observed in most cases.
  • The size of document is usually standard A4 paper size.
  • Company logo, if any and interested to be included, should be at the top of this certificate. Including logo makes it more professional looking.
  • The main heading or title should be “Certificate” or “Employment Certificate”.
  • The body of the certificate holds general employment certification statement where spaces can be left for filling in employ’s details or they can also be typed in during the issuing of certificate. Details include, name, employment period and dates of issuing the certificate.
  • Try to keep this as simple as possible since it is a formal and official document issued for official purposes.
  • Certificate is to be signed by concerned department head so make place for that.

Here is download link for this Employment Certificate Template,
Download Employment Certificate Template

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