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By | February 26, 2015

Work permit is a legal approval to a person to take employment in a specific area or state. It is given to those persons who travel other countries without any citizenship. It is issued upon the requirements of jurisdictions of a state, or the permit certificate is awarded to the minor to grant work permission in order to legally work due to the child labor laws. In an industry, a work permit is required to execute certain functions within an organization other than normal operational tasks. In some organizations, the work permit certificate is also known as permit to work certificate.

A minor will not receive work in the state with child labor laws without getting the work permit certificate. This helps the minor to work legally in any state without any trouble. If you want to get the work permit, you have to fill a complete work permit application form to get the work permit certificate.

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Work Permit Certificate Template

Uses of Work Permit Certificate

  • The work permit certificate enables you to open a trading account with a broker without any legal obligations.
  • It enables you to open a fixed account to get credit card in the bank and your spouse can also get visa easily to stay with you.
  • You can enjoy lots of benefits in another country with the help of work permit certificate, as you can have your bank account and easily send your money out of the country.
  • With the help of work permit certificate, you can enjoy social security system, full health care benefits and different other facilities at low payments.
  • It enables you to save your transportation cost by getting driving license. The certificate makes it easy to apply for the visa of other countries.
  • You can shop a car, phone, rented property, membership of the important areas, etc. It is important for you to have work permit certificate to make your stay convenient in another country.

Requirements to Get Work Permit Certificate

  • If you want to get the work permit certificate, you have to fill out an application form. You are required to write name, address, telephone number, birth date, age and name of your institute in the form. Some states also required social security number and details of last grade.
  • For a minor, the signature of guardian is required, but this requirement is not necessary for adults. A part of the form is required to fill out by the employer, and for this purpose, you have to convey your application form to your employer to write the name of company, address, his/her contact details, your job responsibilities, name of the employer and signature. He/she may have to write about the potential working hours and important equipments that you may use.
  • If you want to avoid hurdles in the way of work permit certificate, it will be good to get the information about the rules and regulation of the state regarding work permit. It can make your work easy, and you can easily analyze yourself either you are qualified for the work permit certificate or not.

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Download Work Permit Certificate Template

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