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By | November 2, 2017

Job descriptions are the main tools for communication that have an important role to play in your organization. If job description is not well written then first impression on masses is poor and people do not perceive it accurately and unable to satisfy your expectations from them. Job description is the main idea that enables your worker to access his duties, responsibilities and requirement of particular job. Employee job description is based on the information that are needed to be performed by the expected employee and also shows already set criteria, such as specific qualification, skill and experience, etc.; required for the offered job. It also clarifies about the working conditions, tools available, equipment used, knowledge and relationships with other designations. Whether it will be a small firm or a large company, every institution needed a well-defined job description for competitive environment and to give direction to the employee. Give proper direction to your employee with the vision and mission of your company. It’s a leader’s job to assign proper work to his employee as needed by the customer.

Here is preview of this Sample Job Description Template created using MS Word,

Job Description Template

Some effective rules are given as under to consider while writing job description:

  • Job Title
  • Job summary/ Responsibilities
  • Qualification/ Requirements
  • Job location
  • Salary and benefits

When starting designing a role or job description, one must know the history of the company and set goals according to it and it is essential to take measures that can make positioning more attractive and productive as well as competitive and rewarding for the candidate. After getting familiar with all the aspects of the job description, you should do some research on HR journals and different types of articles that presenting job descriptions so you get idea about the latest trends as well as you can prepare an exclusive type of job description.

Now you can start developing a job description by starting from the title. Title should be accurate and reveal what position is offered as the nature of the work and designation it holds in the firm or company, for example, accountant, secretary, personal assistant, engineer, graphic designer, manager etc. careful about the title and choose title according to organizational structure. Now explain the job summary or the responsibilities in detail with specific roles that has to be assigned to the employee after recruitment. Summarize objective, nature of work and scope in few lines from three to four lines, it should take as mission statement of the job. Responsibilities should be described separately so it will be clear for employee what he has to be capable of. In addition specify major tasks.

Reporting lines refer to indicate about the position on the job and relationship of the role that expected to be supervised. In next section, qualification or required education mentioned. All types like, education, experience, skill, any kind of diploma, licenses and abilities are counted in this section. Applicant can also mention about his characteristics according to this section. Job location also explaining the designation or position along with the travel requirements has to be mentioned earlier. Now the important section comes, eye catching section for any applicant, description of the salary and benefit according to the role and company.

Here is download this Job Description Template,

download template

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