Birthday Card Template

By | March 2, 2013

Every year we receive lots of birthday cards from our friends and family on our birthdays showing their love and care for us. Receiving birthday cards is really interesting that make us feel special for lots of people. Many people put these cards on display for some time but unfortunately, it is impossible for everyone to keep these cards displayed all the time. The number of birthday cards increasing every year and it becomes very difficult to keep all the cards with us and definitely no one can afford to put the love of friends and family in the dustbin. People always become worried about these birthday cards and try to search useful ways to reuse them. Many people save birthday cards in a box and never seen them again and when after several years they open the box, the cards have changed their shapes and looks.

An old saying is, the necessity is the mother of invention that fits absolutely right for the birthday cards. Some smart and creative people introduced lots of uses for the birthday cards, that’s not only save you money but also lessen the bulk of birthday cards that you receive every year.

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Birthday Card Template

Use birthday cards for decorating gifts

A very useful re-use of birthday cards is to use them for decorating gift boxes. Simply cut down the front of the cards and paste them on the top of the gift pack. This will save you from buying expensive gift wrappers because you can decorate a simple white or colored plain gift wrap with old birthday cards. Remember, not all cards are suitable for decorating gift boxes, so choose the right cards from your card collection.

Make your own greeting cards

A very common use of old birthday cards is the creation of new handmade greeting cards for different occasions. Simply get blank cards that are easily available at stationery stores. Cute designs and images from old birthday cards carefully and paste them on the blank cards with the help of glue. You can send these cards to your friends and family for any other event.

Make donations

Donate your cards to children charity centers where they recycle them to create new greeting cards and use them for crafting with children. You can even purchase their recycled cards to support their charitable programs.

Decorate your child’s room

Birthday cards can be used for decorating your child’s room. Usually, a birthday card comes with lots of artistic work as well as fun and animal based images. Simply, purchase some magnets from the craft store, cut down the artwork and images from the cards and paste them on the magnets with the help of glue. You can simply use them for decorating the room of your child and can store some great pieces of art with you.

Create an art piece

With old birthday cards, one can create some memorable art pieces like paintings etc. Just buy a canvas and place the cuttings of the cards in a proper and thematic way. This will help you in creating a complete and sensible scene. It’s a bit more complicated and creative use, but once you try them you will find it a great fun.

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