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Wedding Invitation Template

Just getting started with your Wedding Invitation?

Your invitation sets the tone for your wedding theme and whole about its expectations. In fact, your Wedding Invitation gives the first glimpse at your upcoming event of wedding your guests receive of this special day. This invitation also sets the perfect and true reflection of your love and commitment toward your affianced. So it needs your special attention, and don’t skimp out this important and foremost part of your wedding arrangements. Make your Wedding Invitation count!

As mentioned above, invitation of a wedding is the first peek at your wedding style. It needs to enlist the details of location, time, day, the invitation, and some clues about the style and formalities of the upcoming ceremony. Convey some hints about the type of event you are going to throw and the theme idea about the wedding more specifically, i.e. classic and elegant, glam and modern. This idea is to be given through the invitation before the potential guests start shopping for the ceremony so that they can come to the wedding as appropriate as possible.

No matter you are making your Wedding Invitation by yourself or hiring a professional designer to do this job, your choice really matters. Before you start shopping or selecting the stationary for the invites, decide your invitation style that can hit and convey the same note your wedding is going to be. Start browsing images for the Wedding Invitation that can be easily collected from the stationer’s websites or the graphic templates. It will give you inspiration so that you can choose your idea for your invite, i.e. images, objects, colors, shapes, sizes, wording etc.

Choose colors keeping in your mind that your colors should incorporate with the motif you have selected. For instance, ivory, cream, or white cards stock paired with a black or golden font on it is a very classic choice for formal Wedding Invitation. Just it should be readable choice about the colors. Invitation cards traditionally appear in a rectangular shape with regular size of 4.5 x 6.25 inch, but modern designs and trends are more appealing with customized shapes and sizes, i.e. circular, scalloped, and square shapes. Keep in mind when you select a design that veering away from a standard size, shape and weight can increase your postage.

Here is a good looking Wedding Invitation Template created using MS Word,


Write the message wisely and spell out everything including the time of ceremony; only Mr. and Mrs. are abbreviated generally. Name of host is listed first, and then comes the request to attend the ceremony; just like “Request the honor of your presence”. Choose the wording wisely in accordance with the style of your invite. Other necessary to mention components of Wedding Invitation include time and location of ceremony, couple’s name, the dress code (if any), and RSVP information for the guests. Don’t try to squeeze too much onto the invitation card, so that it is easy to read and looks elegant.

Your Wedding Invites should be prepared longer time before the wedding, i.e. a few months, few weeks, or even a couple of days, depending on how fancy you go for your invites and wedding ceremony. Tell your guests to respond to the invitation card earlier so that you can make final headcount at least 2 to 3 weeks before the ceremony. The more time given to your guest to respond, the more likely they are to forget; so keep the time not too long. The cost of Wedding Invitation may vary according to the design and stationary you choose for it.

Here is download link for above shown Free Wedding Invitation Template as MS Word File.

download template

Beach Party Menu Template

Beach parties are planned by beach lovers and they celebrate beach parties with their family and friends. It is quite easy for planning a beach party. You can enjoy the cool and pleasant atmosphere of beach including all party activities like foods, gossips, games, activities, music and so on. Beach parties are best to celebrate in summer because beach party can be truly very refreshing for all in this season. Here i want to share some beach party tips with all of you who are planning beach party and want full time enjoyment during the party.

  • Before planning beach party, you must consider the recent weather condition. If weather is smooth then it would be better for you to plan beach party otherwise there may be any mishap in case of rain, wind blowing, sea storm and other uncertain conditions of weather on beach.
  • Arrange basic elements of beach party that are included in almost each party. They are party invitations, party venue decoration, arrangements of food and refreshment for inviting guests, party favors, games and activities and music.
  • Another great idea for celebrating beach party can be arranging barbeque on beach. Your friends and family members can have more entertainment if you plan to prepare and enjoy barbeque dishes on beach.
  • Select the theme of beach party and tell all the inviting people about the theme of party you are going to arrange.

Here is preview of this Beach Party Menu Template,

Beach Party Menu Template

Here are some precaution tips for you to adopt for celebrating a successful beach party. These tips are very useful for you and your respectable guest’s safety. These are some accessories that you and your guests should carry for avoiding any unpleasant condition during the party. Ask your inviting guests to come with:

  • There must be extra swimsuits with all of you. It is for you can get messy, wet and full of sand during the celebrations of party. So all the guests should come with extra suit to wear when you the party will end.
  • Ask your guests to wear swimsuits of bright colors like orange, yellow, pink and red.
  • Avoid wearing short denims during beach party celebrations.
  • In beach party, you spend most of your time in water so waterproof makeup would keep you look great for the whole day and in the evening if you will swim.
  • Choose right footwear and flip would great on beach party. They keep you comfortable on beach.
  • Don’t forget to bring sunglasses, sunscreen and beach hat.

These precaution tips for beach party will surely help you enjoying a safe and full of entertainment beach party with your family and friends.

Here is download link for this Beach Party Menu Template,

Rent Receipt Template

If you deal with properties and specially renting it out for a short or longer term, then you must be using rent receipts on regular basis. A lot of commercial agents required a professional receipt format in order to present it to their customers and/or to use it officially for government correspondence. If you are a landlord or an official broker to one or more landlords, then it is really worthy to download following rent receipt template to use whenever it is required or needed by the situation.

As per legal requirement, all tenants have the right to demand for an official rent receipt from the landlord whenever they pay their monthly or annual rent. In such situation, it is really useful for any landlord to quickly print it using a professionally designed rent receipt template. This receipt template is created using Microsoft Word so that even a normal PC user can easily create professional receipts quickly and effectively. There might come up situations that can cause embarrassment for landlords if they can’t produce professional rent receipts quickly and without much of their efforts. So it would be a wise decision to keep a collection of professional and easy to edit rent receipt templates.

It is quite common to have a conflict between landlord and tenants on past rent payments specially in the case of monthly payments. Such conflicts are mostly resolved by looking at past rent receipts signed by landlord with or without their official stamp. Court of law will also demand such receipts from tenants if case is put up there for legal action. If tenant failed to present an official rent receipt then court might order for a payment considering that rent not paid. This proves as how important it is to demand rent receipts from landlords no matter how trust worthy relationship you are enjoying with him.

Here is preview of our own created Rent Receipt Template using Microsoft Word,

Rent Receipt Template

Important Information on Rent Receipts:

Here is a list of key informational elements that every rent receipt must have;

  • Date of Payment
  • Time Period of Payment
  • Amount
  • Landlord Name (or Company Name)
  • Tenant Name or Paid By
  • Address of Property being rented
  • Landlord Signature with or without company stamp

In case, landlord offers online rent receipts and tenant would like to pay through credit cards, please make sure this receipt is signed with digital signatures and can easily be verifiable. In such cases, usually at the spot printing is available to send receipt directly to your printer once you processed the payment. Please make sure your printer is in fully working conditions before you start the payment process.

Finally, it is really important for all tenants to keep all rent receipts in a secure place and in order so that it should be easy to retrieve a receipt (any month) quickly and without spending much of their time. Also, keep it safe so that it shouldn’t be damaged with the passage of time or during shifting from one place to another.

Here is download link for the above shown Rent Receipt Template,



Flyer Template with Tear Off Tabs

Flyers with tear off tabs are simple flyers with pull off tabs at the bottom of the flyer that allow readers to tear them off and to keep them in their wallet for future use. Such rip off tabs are very small in size like a visiting card that easily fit in your pocket and wallet and help them to remember the advertisement. Usually, the tear off tabs have the contact information written on it or a special offer that is made by a club or an organization for its customer eliminating the need of writing down the information as well as of getting tokens and cards from other retailers or their representatives. Flyers with tear off tabs help you to achieve your goal in a faster manner and allow you to spread and communicate a message, offer a product and service and to promote an event or a business. Flyers with tear off or rip off tabs are very effective as they make your work easy and are suitable for any kind of advertising or messaging purposes.

The addition of tear off tabs in flyers are known as a common, cost effective yet popular and working idea that is being used by lots of businesses and people and has enjoyed its utmost benefits and long lasting results. The addition of tear off tabs to a flyer doesn’t cost you too much and is not a difficult task and anyone who has basic computer skills and an understanding of Microsoft word can create and design an attractive and effective flyer with pull of tabs. Anyone who wants to use flyers for the promotion of bands, clubs, parties or sports events can create a perfect and attention grabbing flyer just within a few minutes.

Here is preview of this Flyer Template with Tear-Off Tabs,

Flyer Template with Tear-off Tabs


How to create a Flyer with Tear Off Tabs

  • Create a flyer of your own choice and include all the information in the body of the flyer in a style that make it readable, attractive, eye catching and decent.
  • Use bold and sharp colors to make it attractive and include all the main and basic information in the body that you want to communicate to your audience.
  • Like usual flyers add photos, images and other items to complete the main body of the flyer and then go for the tear off tabs.
  • For creating tear off tabs, give properly spacing on the same document page and insert a table at the bottom of the page. Ensure the flyer must be on a single page.
  • The table must be as long as you want to put information in it. Merge all the cells of the table to make it simple and then write your contact information including mailing address, phone number, email etc.
  • The tear off tabs at the bottom of the flyer must be simple and the text on it must be bold and clear. Choose a perfect font style and size for the rip off tabs.
  • Review the flyer before printing and then choose a good size for the flyer.

Here is download link for this Flyer Template with Tear-off Tabs,


Project Proposal Template

The Project Proposal is given to present the idea and details for the implementation of a new project. Usually these project proposals are common for the business orientations but in scientific field of research the project proposals are also used to identify the exact research plans and its projections.

A Project Proposal is a document to provide each and every detail of the series of activities aimed to carry out to solve any certain solution or any specific research work. The important aspects of the proposal should be;

  • The justification of the project proposal
  • The important activities of the project
  • The timeline of the project for completion
  • The methods adapted to carry out the project
  • The resources required in terms of the human resources, the financial assistance and the management resources

Here is preview of this Project Proposal Template created using Microsoft Word,

Project Proposal Template

The design of the project should be given in such a way in the project proposal that it can receive acceptance and recognition all at once as it is presentation. The project proposal is an important aspect of the project management training as it is among one of the important steps of the project cycle.

Before writing a project proposal a detailed research should be carried out about the certain important aspects of the project which should involve;

  • Finding out the past and prospective beneficiaries
  • Past project proposals are reviewed in detail for the future project proposal
  • Evaluation reports of the project proposals of the past
  • Statistical data analysis for various business groups

After this deep analysis the present project management analysis is carried out. The main terms of the project proposal writing are given as;

The indicators of the project:

All the elements of the project which are important enough for the project that relate the objective and main theme of the project and serve to translate the project into the measurable results are called as indicators and are the key component of the project proposal.

The Input details of the project:

Here is the detail given about the resources of the project. These resources are also termed as the investment resources and may be in terms of the human resources, financial resources or the materials in demand by the project.

The output of the project:

In this section the results of the project proposal are summarized thus detailing the main objectives that are going to be achieved by this project.

The activity plan of the project:

Here in this sections are given the project description enlisting all the key events that are going to be held as a result of the implementation of this project. It should indicate the steps of the projects, the timeline and the key needs and demands of each step of the project.

The Gantt Charts:

The description of the interconnection of the different activities of a project with the final project is done with the help of such Gantt charts. This is a specific model to discuss the various upcoming project activities.

The simplest and easiest way to write the project proposal is to summarize all the key needs and information regarding the project in finely divided sections as discussed above.

Here is download link for this Project Proposal Template,


Free Invoice Template

It’s a messy job to compile all the details in invoice form without letting it be lengthy or taking up a form of volume. But here are some useful features that have to keep in mind and you will design your own invoice with ease. A basic feature to design an invoice is to choose bare structure of your invoice and that should be of standard letter format so it can be convenient for clients as well. Next step is to put your company name on it and physical address, such as, email address, phone numbers and any relevant contact. There is no reason to hide such information from your client; it will help them for accounting and for further dealings.

There must be a section mentioned to date with invoice number, may be you do not feel necessary to give your invoice number but it will be of great use for you and your client’s file system. You must choose a functional as well as a creative and attractive corporate brand. It is up to you whether to design a new logo or taking up from your business card as already in use. Do some creativity with it to make it look exclusive. Next step is to creating area for an items’ list that you are going to bill your client. Even if you are doing a single project for your customer, you must split it into timeline so customer can analyze it what he will be paying for. Put information in readable manner, in evident grid.

Here is preview of a professional but Free Invoice Template,

Invoice Template

Some of you are thinking of also write few details of items in invoice; in that case you should build an empty row between every item for the detailed description, although this is not necessary but as per choice. You should tell about the due date of your payment to the client because when you complete your work in decided time then it’s your right to get payment on time so you should mention the due date of payment on your invoice, for example, payment expected due within the week when invoice is received. Manage this section accurately because you have to deal with many clients and your invoice should be ready to fit in any scenario that you may come up against.

The primary thing is to highlight important information in bright colorful things that you want your client to take notice of first, like the sender’s name, when it’s due and what value it contains. Then other detailing has secondary value in your invoice. By highlighting your primary information, when you take a black and white print of your invoice, it will look as significant as with colors. Use widely accepted format for your invoice and make sure its size will not exceed limits. All these little details seem unimportant to you but in total it will work out to perceive your invoice by others. A good invoice is one that is understandable and received by your client with no objection.

Here is download link for this Free Invoice Template,

download template


For Sale Flyer Template

For increasing the sales of a business the management must seriously think about fast and effective promotional methods. Sales flyers are commonly used for boosting up the sales of a business because creating sales flyers is not only easy and affordable but at the same time are quick in action. The flyers have an ability to grab the attention of a big crowd in such a busy and competitive marketplace. These days, lots of people are turning towards sales flyers to make their sales improved and benefited. Creating a sales flyer is very easy and anyone can create an outstanding flyer with the help of Microsoft word, however for making an outstanding and attention grabbing sales flyer, one need to consider a number of things.

Here is preview of a free For Sale Flyer Template created using Microsoft Word 2013,

For Sale Flyer Template

Choose a snappy title

The most important thing of a sales flyer is an attractive and snappy headline. The title should be about powerful and unique words. Some common words that are used for starting a sales flyer like the first time in your city, the secret of, discover, be a part of, a key to, and much more. For example, if a flyer is created for a weight loss product, the headline of the flyer can be “burn 10 pounds within 5 days”, or “This year become a part of slim people”.

Provide clear and effective information

The next step of creating an effective sales flyer is the inclusion of product details. It is important to add information about the product in a way that tells you some customer oriented benefits. It is not so difficult; just describe the features of your product in the light of its benefits that a customer can get from it. It is the nature of customers that they only attract towards things that can benefit them in a way they want. For example, if you simply write the features of a weight loss product like it is natural, eliminating fat and is affordable will never attract your customer. Try something different like shed 3 pounds daily without putting yourself in hard exercises etc.

Choose a stunning design

The design and look of a flyer can also affect your sales therefore always try to add something attractive and stunning. Choose a trendy and popping design and color theme for your flyer. Keep in mind that your chosen color is according to the theme and colors of the product. For background, always use a light color and for writing information opt for a dark color.

Add a real photograph of the product

A common saying is, a single photograph can speak a thousand words. Do not forget to add a real photograph of the product. Choose a bright and sharp photo to add extra elegance and attraction to the sales flyer. The photograph will also help your customers get an idea that how the photographs will look like.

Add a jaw dropping offer

Everyone wants to save money on making purchases; a business owner can use to save money as an advantage for increasing sales. Place an offer on the sales flyer like “buy one get one free”, “save $2 per pack”, “scratch and win” etc. These offers will not only make your flyers more attractive but at the same time will increase your sales.

Here is download link for this For Sale Flyer Template,


Affidavit Form

Everything must be documented whenever you make a deal in terms of property sale, amount or any kind of mutual deals. It saves you from any mishap intending by another party. With useful and lawful conditions, an affidavit is usually a legitimate doc which has its own importance. It just allows a person to use terms in oath. You can find a variety of affidavits which are used by the public according to their purposes and reasons. This affirmation is supposed to be flawlessly legitimate and has complete authority. Many people use standard affidavits that can validate information/data or for specific legal procedures.

This is a vital legalized tool that is sanctioned which helps in starting or determining the reality regarding a subject. People use affidavits to hold their assertions or any other paperwork. A different type of affidavit is real-estate affidavit; these comprise of terms about name, possession of the property or residence, property or home estimations as well as evaluation of asset.

Here is preview of this Affidavit Form created using Microsoft Word,

Affidavit Form

Essentially, the main use of an affidavit is vital for all legitimate dealings or where a 100 % legal statement is important. It not just facilitates a person or even his/her paperwork, but can make it more ideal for day-to-day legal procedures or dealings. Its importance is visible in property dealings, possession papers and several other various kinds of docs that pursue legitimate support. It’s a normal type of sworn assertion of undeniable fact that is necessary for court procedures. It merely certifies someone’s papers or declaration for reliability. Such type of assertion is very helpful at the time of purchase, transmit arrangement, sell off or while in any deal.

Even so, it ought to be known that affidavit must be organized only with a certified notary public agent (hired by an authorities) or an individual certified by the federal government. They will give legal declarations, witness as well as verify the delivery of documents or transactions. Caused by most cases of forgery, it must be regarded as a critical issue and consideration needs to be practiced to avoid any threat. Only a manifested notary public may make an affidavit to approve claims or files. The outcome of affidavit is enormous and could be easily abused by anyone.

To be critical in type, just specific approved public notaries can make it. Consequently, signature, assertions and files its content material must be re-checked to get more security. It is furthermore essential that the declaration of reality, clarify precisely what is meant to communicate in a specific and clear-cut way. An exceptional part, the attestation, must be inspected for time and signature, and so forth.

Nowadays, you can easily get the affidavit form or lease contract form or any kind of other promissory letter from the internet legal sites. These lawful sites give all the described lawful forms free of cost. All these sites not just give lawful paperwork, but in addition help to get a neighborhood lawyer or notary public.

Here is download link for this Affidavit Form,


Damage Report Template

Having insurance for your property is a crucial thing because it can save you a lot of money for repairing and maintenance but claiming insurance for the damage can be a little complicated. If you have done this before, it’s no rocket science for you but when you are new to this and don’t know how to file for the claim and present Damage Report, it can be overwhelming for you. The damage report itself isn’t something you should worry about but the actual problem is to understand what to include in it and how to present it to the insurance company.

Most of the time, you will be asked to write this report for multiple times because you always miss something important and because it’s incomplete, you will need to write it again and again. The better thing here is to understand how this report works and what kind of information should be included in such report. Getting legal and expert help is a great option but when you don’t want to hire a lawyer or property estimator for this report, you should do it by yourself and if you have any troubles, take a look here and find easy instructions for a complete and professional looking Damage Report.

Essential elements to include in a Damage Report:

  • Name of the person who is writing the report
  • Date on which the report is prepared
  • Name of the claimer i.e. owner of the property
  • Details of the property i.e. location, type, covered area
  • Explained details of the damage
  • Cause of the damage
  • Key points about the damage
  • Detailed statement of first person at the scene
  • Details of the insurance
  • Signature of writer of the report

Guidelines for Damage Report Format:

  • Start the report by introducing yourself for the record. This is important because as the writer, you are the one who will talk to the owner of the building or property and if the owner files a case in the court, you might be called as witness.
  • After that, comes the detailed and complete information about the owner of the property. If it’s a private residential property, you only need to include owner’s detail but if its commercial building, you also need to mention the manager or supervisor’s details in the report.
  • Include the specifics about the report including the date on which you wrote it, the time when you arrived at the location and how long it took you to complete the report.
  • In the main body of the report, discuss the damage happened to the property. This starts with the detail of the property including location of the building, type of building and size of the building. This part also includes how the damage happened, what caused the damage and who is responsible for this.
  • Then include the insurance details of the property and the person who holds the insurance policy. Start with the policy registration number and add the name and address of the person who owns the insurance and the coverage of the policy i.e. if it’s valid for fire damage, water damage or something like that.
  • Sign the report at the end and put your full name for proper reference.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Damage Report Template created using MS Word,

Damage Report Template

Here is download link for this Damage Report Template,

download template

Customer Service Report Template

It’s not very hard to understand that sale is actually the life blood of any company. Your finance department is important and your planning department is important along with many other departments and divisions but the most important department might be the sales department. This is because the revenue or money is generated by this department. The higher the sale of a company, the more profit it makes from its services and products. This makes it more important and crucial to observe the behavior of customers towards the products or services of the company and the results of these products. If the customers are happy with the results, you can make them feel more valuable by giving them gifts and coupons where if the products are failing desired expectations, you can take essential steps to recover from bad reputation in the market in time. In either way, it’s the key responsibility of the customer service department to report any major incidents or important complaints to the production or management so it can be fixed in ongoing and upcoming production.

What needs to go on this Report?

There are various different elements that are important to include in a Customer Service Report but the most important thing is to keep it simple and brief. The key purpose of this report is to inform the higher authorities about a complaint or a customer who is no happy with a product and the report should be kept simple and concise. Starting with the name of the customer, begin the report by putting his full name, address, date on which he bought the product, how much he paid for the product and why he is not happy with the results. It depends on you if you want to make a full report and a short report or if only a short report is enough. If it helps, you can also make separate sections or parts of the report for all kinds of information and details i.e. customer info, product info, complaint section, how to solve it and other things.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Customer Service Report Template created using MS Word,

Customer Service Report Template

Guidelines for Customer Service Report Format:

  • Start the report with writing down the complete information about the customer. This includes his full name, complete address, email address and phone number.
  • Next part is the full explanation and introduction to the product the customer bought. This includes the name of the product, model, make year and the place where he bought it from along with the price he paid for it. Date of purchase is very important here and you should clearly mention it on the report.
  • If the product is already received by the service department, just include the receipt number or if it’s still with the customer, add the date and time when you found out about this problem and for how long the customer was having problem with the product. How you got the information is also important i.e. you talked to him on phone, he called you or service provider visited his home etc.
  • This is the most important part of the report because it actually consists the problem or error with the product. Explain what kind of problem the product has and how the customer responded to it. Here you can also give comments or suggestions about how to fix it and how to make the customer happy about it.
  • If the customer talked about anything in particular that is important for the report, add it in here and focus on how the customer responded to the problem and if he was patient or aggressive towards the company. Conclude the report with final comments.

Here is download link for this Customer Service Report Template,

download template

Experiment Report Template

Experiment report is a formal document often mandatory for students and researchers and it is highly recommended to follow a formal structure unless you are writing an essay or you have an different official structure. Most universities, research institutes, scientific laboratories and publications share the same general structure.


There are different format requirements with only one major rule to follow, be concise and informative. Where “Social responsibility and convergence” is a vague title however; “Effective convergence methods for social responsibility” is a more apt title for an any official report, experiment reports should adopt the latter approach.


Abstract is the meticulous summary of the experiment and its results. It is to give a precise account of what the reader should expect in the report.

It should cover your hypothesis or the objective of your experiment. Your approach towards the problem and the results all in one paragraph ideally under 250 words.


Introduction is where you create the background of your experiment and inform users of why your experiment is crucial for your area of study. Ideally you should cover what is the scope of the study, what are the questions and ambiguities that lead to your experiment and the importance of your research.

Being the first part of the report it should be written in a manner that would lead the user from the background history towards the problem at hand through the problems faced by previous researchers. It is also often advice to take up this section at the end of the experiment.

Method or Methodology

The method of your experiments should be put into words down to the last details and the rationale for choosing that specific method whether quantitative or qualitative. It should be concise and include the number of participant, method for recording responses, and other such details.

It should explain your sample and how you selected your sample and in case of a qualitative method the rationale of your selected sample.


You present your results in data form with little to no explanation of your results. This is basically where you turn your experiment into a quantifiable statistical document. You present your precise results.

It is however pertinent to include data in readable form, your primary data would be presented first and lead into your secondary data. There is no hard and fast format unless specified by your supervisor or the publication.


This is where you provide an insight and explanation of your results. You make sense out of the statistical data you have collected through your experiment and explain the significance of your study.

You also discuss weather or not your hypothesis was proved and the differences revealed by the data.

Reference List

Also titled Bibliography and Works Cited your reference list contains all the documents and material you have consulted for the purpose of your experiment. This includes books, journals, articles, documents from Internet, interviews and films. Personal correspondence through email is cited within the document.


This section contains raw and big chunks of data with excerpts used within the document especially in the discussion and results. Some of the elements that would go into appendix include; figures, tables etc.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Experiment Report Template created using MS Word,

Experiment Report Template

Here is download link for this Experiment Report Template,

download template

Event Report Template

An Event Report is an overview and analysis of a conference or an event. It includes the collection of key features, latest thinking, and approach presented at a conference.

Event reporting follows a discipline. So, you should follow a well-structure and format to write a well, descriptive, and informative Event report. It should cover all the moments from initial to conclusion phase. So, one need to highlight the event in a detailed manner such that one can make an imaginary view of the event while reading the event report. If a reader is able to make a virtual picture in his mind via reading a report then only your event report is successful. So, an event report should have some key points that boost engagement and quality of the report.

Here are the key elements of Event Report: –

Summary: – An event report starts with a brief summary. Write a brief summary of 1-2 pages to describe the key points of the seminar and conference.

Venue: -Venue is also a key element and should get place in an event report because it’s the destination where the conference was held. You should explore venue by mentioning the audience capacity, space availability, and other features.

Participant’s information: -It is necessary to mention the figure of the audience who participated in the seminar. You should describe the audience information in a demographic format like gender, profession, age group and other factors relevant to the niche of the seminar and conference. Mention the names of chief guests and VIP list invited to attend the seminar.

Advertising exposure: -Organizations plan advertising campaigns on Radio, TV, internet and other platforms. They use brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, PPC, PPM, Social media, digital media, digital signage, and digital screen advertising methods to reach more audience. Collect the record of both offline and online advertising and highlight it in the report.

On-site exposure: – It includes information about the digital and graphical presentation. The use of graphics, images, and videos displayed via digital signage and banners. The samples distributed in selected number of people. The comparison of the number of products delivered by the organization what they have promised to distribute.

Off-site exposure: -It includes a record of documents such as presentations, reviews etc and online visibility. The record of samples delivered by the organization and what they have promised to deliver.

Promotional results: – Organizations set campaigns to attract an audience for the seminars. The promotional campaigns include discounts, offers, donations etc. Collect the information about the promotional activity and include it in the report.

Outcome: – An event report is incomplete without an outcome. The conclusion phase includes information about the number of tickets purchased, activities of volunteers and the impact of the conference. If any charity donation program held at the end of a conference then also mention about it in the outcome.

So, you should integrate these points to write a highly impressive Event report. Here is a preview of a Free Sample Event Report Template created by  our staff to help you get started with this task,

Event Report Template

Here is download link for this Event Report Template,

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Notary Statement Template

Judicial and law related matters are of extreme sensitiveness in this present world of complexities. These matters are always occurring around, in almost every department of the practical life you see; students seeking admission, people applying for governmental jobs, cases related to crime and to be heard in court and other countless cases of similar scenarios. In this world, nothing has value until it is documented to be a proof, to be in materialistic form, to exist! If you have signed a statement, no one can believe by just telling them that you signed it; because there is no proof of that. For this people amongst the society are trusted by court and being appointed as Notary or Notary Public.

A notary statement is a statement which mentions that any action being done, or any document being signed was originally done by someone specific. This is to assure the court or any other concerned legal authority when that document is presented in front of them. A notary or notary public has the authority to issue a notary statement in lieu of any action performed under his or her observation. Notary statements are signed and issued by the office of a notary public.

A notary statement usually is a short statement written in a legal format; described by court or any other governing body of any state or country which deals with legal matters. Since notary statements are to prove any act or document to be genuine and original, respectively; notary statements are generally categorized in three categories:

  • For Oath or Affirmations
  • For an Acknowledgement
  • For a Certified Copy

Whichever might be the case, a notary statement follows a general pattern of writing. The main heading lines (which are not bolded as in headings) are about mentioning the state or province under which this notary statement is being issued and will be found to be valid. In case there is a county or division which comes under the specific state or province, is also mentioned afterwards.

After the starting lines of a notary statement, the general body comes which is comprised of a confirming / assuring / proofing paragraph where an act which is being certified is mentioned. There are spaces left blank for date and also for the name(s) of people involved in the act. This statement is written on the behalf of a notary public so the paragraph should make sense in that way.

Afterwards, the notary’s signature along with his or her state under which he or she is working has to be mentioned. A seal from the notary has to be put aside the signatures. Just beneath the signatures and to the right of the seal, name of the notary public has to be present; it can be typed, printed or stamped.

The ending mentions how the notary knows the person involved, in case of a random citizen, the proof of identification provided has to be mentioned and a copy of that has to be attached with this notary statement.

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Notary Statement Template

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Normative Statement Template

Business progresses on various factors and each one of these factors is of pivotal importance in the flourishing of the business. Honest, accuracy, positivity, time management and punctuality are some of the characteristics of a successful business man but there are other certain technical characteristics that one should develop to be successful in this competitive field and being able to make certain type of statements is one of these characteristics.

Positive and normative statements are two types of statement that explain ones vision about the business but they do not define your behavior or interests though. Positive statement is objective and is based upon actual facts while the normative statement is subjective and value based. Positive economic statements do not have to be true but they must be able to be tested and proved and disproved, on the other hand normative economic statements are opinion based so naturally they can neither be approved nor disproved. We should note that there is no way of testing the habitual truthfulness of normative economic statements, even if we disagree with it, we have no sure way of proving to someone who believes that the statement that he or she is wrong by mere appeal to facts. Normative statements are differentiated by the presence of modal verbs “should”, “would” or “could”. Normative statements are the basis of normative economics.

Let’s discuss both the positive and normative statements with the help of examples.

“The government should raise the price of milk to £6 per gallon to raise the living standards of farm families.” Now as we see this statement contains a “should” it declares that it might be a normative statement, and perhaps it is a normative if we try to understand it and we see we cannot match it up to any actual facts and it is someone’s opinion. Now, let’s change this statement a little bit, “The government raised the price of milk to £6 per gallon to help raise the standard of living of farm families.”  Now this statement is turned into a positive statement that can actually be tested of its authenticity by matching up the records from the public records and by checking on the farms and their residents.

Disagreements over public policies typically revolve around normative economic statements, and the disagreements persist because neither side can prove that it is correct or that its opponent is incorrect. A clear understanding of the difference between positive and normative economics should lead to better policy making, if policies are made based on facts (positive economics), not opinions (normative economics). Nonetheless, numerous policies on issues ranging from international trade to welfare are at least partially based on normative economics.

To claim the right of disagreement to the normative statement one can either disagree with the validity of the positive information used to reach a valued judgment or there always is a way to make an argument about the merits of normative conclusion itself. But this makes the whole debate obscure, since there is no right and wrong when it comes to the normative statements.

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Normative Statement Template

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Mission Statement Template

If you want to become a market leader of top quality products and services, you have to write a sound mission statement to define your goals and objectives. An effective mission statement is important to elucidate the intentions and goals of your business. The mission statement should be a striking blend of realism and optimism. A great mission statement will help you to define objectives of your business. You can easily develop your business plans by writing a mission statement. It will persuade potential investors to invest in your business, and you can also enjoy lots of other benefits with the help of a sound mission statement. If you want to write an effective mission statement, you have to consider following elements:

4 Key Elements to Include

The mission statement should not only be written in optimistic tone, but the real purpose should be explained. The four elements that should be included in an effective mission statement are:

  • Value
  • Inspiration
  • Plausibility
  • Specificity

Write everything in short sentences to covey the true message about the value of your company and existing brands. You have to encourage your employees to work realistically and try to be as specific as possible. Do not forget to select a theme for your company that may help you to settle other matters of the company.

Keep Your Statement Concise and Simple

Write your mission statement in concise and effective way to make it easy to understand. Try to sum up the actual mission of your company in one or two sentences. Try to explain your slogan and keep it memorable and effective. There is no need to write complicated words and sentences to keep it friendly for the readers.

Long Term and Short Term Goals

The mission statement should reflect both short term and long term goals in an inspirational way. Try to be as specific as possible to make your mission statement influential. Clearly explain your goals in the mission statement and stay as relevant as possible. If you want to make your mission statement effective for long time, use global language to write your mission statement and to clearly explain the purpose of your company. You should explain the growing potential of your company in future.

Test Your Mission Statement

If you are redrafting your mission statement, do not blindside your employees and test your mission statement on them for trial. Dispense the final draft of your mission statement among your employees and ask them to modify it. In this way, you can get better ideas to design a more comprehensive mission statement to accurately reflect your organization.

Frequently Revise Your Mission Statement

If you want to cope with changing era, you have to revise your mission statement on frequent basis. Include new ideas and themes in your mission statement to increase the profitability of your business. Your mission statement should show the parallel direction of your business to persuade potential investors. Tweak your statement and make all necessary changes on frequent basis to increase the profitability and success of your company.

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Mission Statement Template

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