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Risk Management Plan Template

Creating a risk management plan is something of high importance when undertaking a new project either at business level or even at government level. However, many people take it to be of less significance and think that any issues arising could be dealt with later easily. We all knew that issues and problems can arise in any project at any time. If there is no risk management plan or crisis management plan in force, any issue or problem would result in great anarchy and chaos leading to disastrous results for the whole organization. Very small issues even can become disastrous without a comprehensive risk management plan.

In order to create a successful risk management plan, you need to take a number of steps. The managers of the firm must be firstly and most importantly aware of how the whole process of risk management works. Risk management refers to the management of all possible risks in a particular project. Whereas, risks refer to the effects, positive or negative that may result if a particular project is undertaken.

This further involves the understanding of various other factors such as, the events involved in the proposed project, the probability of those events occurring  the likely impact of those events, the ways in which the negative impact of some events could be minimized, the total negative impact which is unavoidable in the end etc. If the management has good knowledge of all these factors and their importance in creating a risk management plan. They can successfully formulate an adequate plan for their projects.

Free Risk Management Plan Template

Here is preview of this Risk Management Plan Template in Microsoft Word,

Risk Management Plan Template

The next step involves defining the project including all potential risk assessments. Analyze all aspects of your project in details. Any risk attached to any aspect should be noted. The opinion of other people who have a high familiarity of the project should be taken as well in order to improve the success of the plan. After writing down all the risks associated with the project, you should work on analyzing the probability and severity of each risk. It is obviously impossible to be 100 % accurate in this. However, the managers should try to be as accurate as possible.

Risk Management Plan Guidelines

After assessing the possible risks concerning your project and the probabilities of them occurring.  The next step is to analyze the risk control measures that can assist you in dealing with such issues. Analyze all possible ways of dealing with these identified risks individually. Taking suggestions from others such as the organization’s employees and people can help too. As they are familiar with the project and can help improve the ways of  managing all risks identified.

Finally, the managers have to make risk control decisions. They need to decide on the ways in which the risks associated with the project will be managed if they arise in future. The managers will have to choose the best way of managing each risk from all the ways identified previously. The decisions can easily help you to formulate the Risk Management Plan. However this is not all as you need to do more. Something which needs to be done in addition is to determine the level of risk remaining in the end i.e the unexpected risk. This risk left behind should then be analyzed and it should be decided whether it is acceptable or the plan needs to be modified further in order to better manage the risk.

In this way once can create a successful risk management plan. After creating a risk management plan the management then needs to work upon implementing the plan, supervising it, evaluating it from time to time and making improvements. In order to improve the success of a risk management plan, you need to collect suggestions of other people. Similarly, select right people to implement this plan in proper way. Furthermore, carry out the process in small steps in order to reduce confusion and inaccuracies.

Here is download link for this Risk Management Plan Template,

Emergency Response Plan Template

Allow me to share with you a professionally drafted Emergency Response Plan Template in MS Word. Existence of life is usually unsure. We might have to deal with unpredictable circumstances in many job areas involving lifestyle that can surprise us. This really seems very unexpected emergency. Most of us typically dismiss the item and make virtually any strategy to cope with these kind of conditions. No-one can ascertain this emergency probabilities in the tragedy without an Emergency Response Plan. Emergencies can sometimes include normal dilemmas such as storm epidemics, terrorist invasion, virtually any ferocious road car accident, a number of compound leak with virtually any compound vegetable for example. Urgent situation may be with home-based stage as well as nation’s stage.

Free Emergency Response Plan Template

It can be substantial to discover key measures to get over this unexpected emergency including them inside your unexpected emergency reaction strategy. It should include things like pursuing things:

  • Detailed useful and also disclosing summary
  • Fastidious functions and also tasks involving troubled people
  • Apt transmission operations
  • Safety measures off required people
  • Finding means and also machines
  • Protection involving property

While Emergency Response Plan is usually put together. It includes exact measures to hold for in one piece strategy within action seeing that swiftly. Emergency Response Plan ought to include things like the amount of unexpected emergency.

Here is preview of this Emergency Response Plan Template created using Microsoft Word,

Emergency Response Plan Template

The original activities are necessary within managing involving unexpected emergency circumstances. So danger evaluation is very important to discover this likely involving unexpected emergency scenario. This will enable you to ready your Emergency Response Plan reliable on the circumstances that you just usually are handling and also performance aims. A fast forewarning on the pertinent people is essential portion and also lifestyle keeping activity. Defensive activities for life security certainly are a essential section of Emergency Response Plan. It offers this security involving employees and also every other man or women specific to this areas.

Emergency Response Plan Guidelines

Through virtually any unexpected emergency this priority is usually lifestyle security. Along with second phase is always to strengthen this event. A number of measures might be obtained intended for stabilization involving circumstances to attenuate this likely deterioration. First aid might be inclined to wounded people simply by prepared people to avoid wasting day-to-day lives. Fireplace extinguish activity can be carried out simply by skilled people to extinguish little fire. Sheltering via extreme weather conditions for example tornadoes, animal shelter in position via external airborne danger for example compound leak is usually a part of shielding activities. Lock down is usually a component. In other words shielding activities include pursuing parts:

  • Evacuation
  • Sheltering
  • Shelter in position
  • Lock decrease

Though it truly is unfeasible to become completely organized intended for unexpected emergency conditions but it is important having an unexpected emergency reaction strategy. It’s the just way to raise security probabilities during calamities. As emergencies usually are involving different types i am within have to make various useful programs to answer properly within these kind of conditions. Quite device systems ought to be used in acceptable areas to cope with physical state of affairs. Acceptable arranged programs must be ready to apply to offer this unexpected emergency circumstances running a business and also organization things. All of the required people ought to be abreast around the Emergency Response Plan designed to manage unexpected emergency circumstances. This plan of action ought to contain a collaborative strategy which usually helps this group do the job.

Here is download link for this Emergency Response Plan Template,

Organogram Template

Organizational structure is important part of any organization because it helps you to understand who reports to whom. Functional organizational structure is one of the traditional structures. It includes different common functions of the organization including manufacturing, engineering, marketing, human resources and secretarial. Top management usually controls Functional organizational structure based on the units and departments of the organization. Different divisional and product structures distinguishes in units according to the team leaders and geographical region. Functional organizational structure is based on the concept of high specialization and high control to increase the efficiency of your organization.

History of Functional Organization Structure

Functional organization structure has ancestry from early 20th century after the emergence of industrial age in order to increase the efficiency of management as efficiency is the main concern of each organization. At that time, organizations were designed with few managers at the top to lead several people in the bottom for the performance of tasks in organized way. Functional organization structure defined everything in details and feature top to down authority control. Control was maintained by establishing standard procedures.

Leadership Requirements under Functional Organization Structure

This structure based on the top to down authority control therefore leaders requires in-depth knowledge and experience in their area of specialization. This type of structure is used in those organizations where unit leaders have outstanding command on their given field. Leaders of each unit are required to be mentor of young staff members. Competency in their field and proper management skills are required for the success of functional organization structure.

Here is a preview of this free Organogram Template created using MS Word 2013,

Organogram Template

Benefits of Functional Organizational Structure

Functional organization structure provides clear lines of command and specialized individuals in each department play important role in the growth and expansion of organization. This type of infrastructure promotes career advancements by clearly defining career paths, aptitude, talent and knowledge. It can make your work more enjoyable as you are working with a group of people with different knowledge level.

Weaknesses of Functional Organization Structure

Each unit of the organization focus on its own area of specialty therefore there can be lack of broad view of company. This structure features poor communication across different groups of people and slow response can put negative affects on the environment. Decision making authority of different units can be weaken as compare to the top level of management.

Effectiveness of Functional Organization Structure

Functional organization structure works best in the stable organization because in the presence of functional organization you cannot make rapid changes in the strategy. It is best for smaller or medium organizations that deal with few types of products and services.

Here is download link for this Organogram Template,

Genogram Template

Genogram Template cane be used to create a good looking Genogram very quickly. A Genogram may be a household map or track record that utilizes unique emblems to explain human relationships, main occasions, and also the characteristics of your loved ones over many ages. Psychological medical and health experts frequently use Genograms to spot shapes of physical and mental ailments like depressive disorders, the disease condition, melanoma as well as other anatomical disorders.

To start the Genogram you will have to meet with members of the family first. Subsequently, you may use normal Genogram signs to make a plans that records your beloved ones specific background. It helps to build the better relations with family members, as it facilitates you to settle down any ambiguity created between you and your family. Genogram can create many possibilities to be happy ever after in your life, it can help to set your personal life goals as which are also interacts with your professional career.

Here is preview of this Genogram Template,

Genogram Template

Tips for creating Genogram Diagram:

Here are day to day tips for creating Genogram Diagram using Microsoft Word,

  1. Figure out your purpose in making a Genogram. The reason will help you concentrate on the kind of family members data you intend to gather. Additionally it is vulnerable to help you to choose with whom you may discuss your finished diagram–sometimes the data may be deemed distressing or too hypersensitive for a few relatives, therefore you will need to assess that with respect to the framework.
  2. Make a decision exactly how many ages you want to symbolize in the genogram. This gives that you simply apparent concept of whom you will have to meet for information and facts to finish the plans and also whether this can be feasible provided people’s age groups and physical syndication.
  3. Review of your genealogy. Jot down anything you know earliest. When you have surpassed your personal understanding, speak with household members. Seek advice regarding family member’s interactions and substantial occasions. Get good records.
  4. Create your Genogram. Genogram design templates can be found that can easily be carried out online or even completed manually. You can also buy software packages specifically designed for making genograms.
  5. Work with conventional genogram signs to signify members of the family as well as their associations, both typical and structural. Your signs behave as a visible indication of your information and facts you collected in the meetings. It is possible to sketch the typical genogram signs manually or using the “draw” or even “shapes” methods in a Microsoft word software.
  6. Set up the graph or chart according to family members relationships starting with the most ancient era you wish to symbolize. For instance, you can make a decision to initiate the genogram with the grandma and grandpa or even the great grandma. Genograms enables you to demonstrate your multiplicity in family interactions and also motifs of ailments.
  7.  Try to find patterns. Once you have built the Genogram, start looking cautiously to find out what behaviors can easily be recognized. There might be genetic signs or specific mental traits which are quite apparent when arranged with each other in this manner.

Here is download link for this Genogram Template,


Congratulations Certificate Template

Congratulation certificates are critical to appreciate people efforts to achieve their planned objectives. Usually these certificates are bundled with Gift Certificates to help them celebrate their achievements. You can check out several high quality Free Gift Certificate Templates I shared earlier to find a suitable one for your needs.

Congratulation certificate is such an important document that is equally used in professional and personal life to say each other congratulations for any of happy moment of his/her life. There come lots of happy moments in our life like wedding, engagements, success, achievements, having babies, new jobs, promotion in career and so many others. All these moments and events are celebrated by individuals throughout the world in their own ways. The same is saying and wishing congratulations to each other. Congratulation certificates are used to make these wishing more personalize and special. Congratulations certificates and cards are same to very extent with only difference that congratulation certificates are given to each other in professional life. For example, your boss get married recently and you want to wish him congratulation. Giving a personalized congratulation certificate will be suitable to celebrate his happiness.

Congratulation certificates are created in most attractive way and they are also created while following the concerned theme of the moment and event of happiness. For example, congratulation certificate for wedding and promotion in job will quite different in look and theme. However, format for making congratulation certificate remain same. Congratulation certificates must be created in most professional way. If you are looking for making a beautiful and professional like congratulation certificate, you are suggested to follow the tips and ideas given below:

A congratulation certificate consists of some usual as well special wording. Usual and common contents of a congratulation certificate include title of organization, name of the person who will receive the certificate, details of event for which congratulation certificate is given, important dates, remarks and signature. Special congratulation wording and contents are added to congratulation certificate to accomplish the purpose of wishing a person. These words must be very impressive, nice and attractive to the next person.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Congratulations Certificate Template created using MS Word,

Congratulations Certificate Template

Using congratulation certificate template is the best way if you are going to create this certificate for the first time. You can get variety of templates having multiple formats of congratulation certificates on web. Choose the most appropriate one and start working on it to have a good looking congratulation certificate.

You must be efficient in computer proficiency and aware of using internet. Save the template in your computer system and start writing all required contents of congratulation certificate. Use special font style to give an attractive look to congratulation certificate. Different effects can be applied on font to make it more charming. Doing all this is very easy because templates are created as ready to use format.

If you want to bring your required changes in layout and format of congratulation certificate, you can do this easily. Using congratulation certificate template will surely save enough of your time and let you bring an attractive and professional look to your congratulation certificate. You must avoid common mistakes while preparing congratulation certificate like spelling error, grammar mistakes, using too much colors and doing something extra with format and layout of congratulation certificate as these things can spoil the beauty of congratulation certificate and all your efforts will waste. Be careful and attentive while creating congratulation certificate.

Here is download link for this Congratulations Certificate Template,
Download Congratulations Certificate Template

Thank You Certificate Template

Thank you certificate is a simple certificate given to someone to acknowledge his/her efforts. For some people, it is just a piece of paper, but this piece of paper is really important for others. This certificate can be given to the persons who voluntarily complete your work. Thank you certificate is granted to the elementary school students to motivate them or to reward them for their good behavior. Usually, volunteer complete different projects without having any expectations for reward and a thank you certificate will prove the best prize for a volunteer. A thank you certificate enables you to acknowledge the work of volunteers and can also be accompanied with Gift Certificates. I have already shared several high quality Gift Certificate Templates to assist our visitors in creating compelling gift certificates.

Design of Thank You Certificate

There is no need to indulge you in extravagant activities, because some words of appreciation are enough for the motivation of volunteer. A thank you certificate with some words of appreciation for the volunteers is a great way to let them understand that you appreciate their work and participation in the project. A personalized thank you letter is very valuable for a volunteer. There are different types of thank you certificates according to your needs, and following are some famous types:

Group Thank You

If the volunteers work in a group, then you can write a group thank you letter to say thanks to all volunteers for helping in the project. It will be good to write the name of all participants on the certificate to acknowledge the efforts of all persons. Write a small message of appreciation to motivate all volunteers.

Photographs on Thank You Certificate

You can give a personalized touch to thank you certificate by including the photographs of all volunteers who helped you in the project. You can add different types of photographs, like the photos of volunteers, photos of the work of volunteers, or the pictures of all volunteers working on the project. This thank you letter will be used to display in a frame.

Give a Reward with Thank You Certificate

You can give a reward to volunteers for their help, or can ask a group or sponsor to give gift certificates to volunteers. The gift certificates can be for different purposes, including dinner, lunch, shopping or a movie, etc. You can also give discount certificates for future purchases to give an extra touch to your thank you certificate.

Words are Really Important

The words of thank you certificate are really important, because these can motivate the receiver to work with perfection in future. Your words can increase the morale of volunteers, class students, office employees, project handler and or any other person who gives you great results and complete your work voluntarily. Do not use ordinary and pre-planned lines, because a personalized thank you certificate is much more valuable as compare to an ordinary one.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Thank You Certificate Template created by our team,

Thank You Certificate Template

Write the name of person(s) involved in the project and write special lines appreciating their efforts and say thanks for their work. It will be good to show your interest in hiring them for future projects and conclude the certificate with a complimentary line.

Here is download link for this Thank You Certificate Template,
Download Thank You Certificate Template

Free Gift Certificate Templates – (8 Templates)

Gifts are actually tangible-feelings which we offer to someone – someone for whom we care or someone, we want to tell their worth, or anyone, we want to appreciate for their act or just to tell them that presence matters a lot. We can pour our heart to the person without even moving our lips, by sending them a gift.

Anyhow, technology has transformed every walk of life so our ways and acts of showing love and care has changed too. Many people regard it to be a negative thing as they believe, sending a gift without being present at somewhere doesn’t comply the emotional state. I don’t agree!! Because, this technology has done nothing but served us and made everything even easier. Let me tell you with an example:

“I work in navy and usually comes home after months. During this time, many special occasions of my family are celebrated without me and all I get is snaps and videos of the celebration; my little daughter misses me a lot on such occasions and so do I – thus by sending a Gift Certificate, I make it there to some extent”. One best thing about it is, these cards charge you nothing and you can get free Gift Certificate Templates.

Well, choosing a gift certificate template online is not, at all, different than going on a shop and purchasing something for my daughter because in this way I am doing just the same. Such as, I manage to exclude time from my busy schedule, invest hours and hours in scrolling Gift Certificate Templates to choose the one that matches the girlish taste of my princess. Moreover, it even allows me to gush my emotions on it, by editing and customizing it with the text I design from my heart. By doing so, I somehow, manage to reimburse the time, I spent away from my family due to my work-requirements. In this way, I also got able to infuse a sense of independence in her as she felt so happy and self-governing while doing shopping. This freer feeling will increase her self-confidence that will remain with her throughout her life, and at a time of decision making when I will remain no longer with her; she will think of me and thank me for this.

Moreover, another benefit of sending such Gift Certificate Templates is that, I get free from the fears of choosing something that my daughter doesn’t like. It helps me in other ways as well. For example; being a concerned person about my daughter’s brought up, I don’t want her to spend too much money on anything, at such a young age; unlike my colleagues, who give credit cards to their offspring and consider it an act of love. Thus, here, Gift certificate helped me too by enabling me to purchase it with a specific worth, an amount, which I desire or allow my daughter to spend. Do you think this intangible and hi-tech gift option shows my lesser concerned or loving for my daughter? Of course not!!

My wife loved my idea and now she loves to use the same perception of gift. Her family lives in Alaska while, we in USA thus whenever a birthday or special occasion comes at their place, she prefers to send gift certificates to my sister and parents in law. Once, she wanted to send me my favorite Kadupul flower bouquet on Valentine’s Day when I was in Afghanistan. The flowers could have been dwindled in the way thus she sent me a gift certificate so I could choose something of my choice.

She told me on call, that she spent whole day in surfing the internet and websites offering Gift Certificate Templates. Websites, she like the most were those offering editing and customizing options. She was allowed to add text as well; when I received her gift certificate where she quoted these lines;

“Despite I do not have you around here my thoughts revolve around you. I feel that our home is not the same without your presence. My love, I wish everything goes fine and I hope you are also thinking a lot about me. “

My heart was filled with pleasure…

Gifts certificate also helped me in wishing my mother-in-law or my real sisters by offering them gifts of their choices. I am not so much aware of fashion and the choices which girls have and love to get as gifts. I don’t think, someone would like to receive anything that doesn’t worth for them. Thus, when I and my wife are unable to decide, what to offer; these gift certificate templates become only and best choice for us. These gift certificate templates also enable us to not to worry about the expenses of anything. We purchase gifts certificates with the worth “only” that we can “afford” easily.

These gift options are also best when your adults want to purchase something online but you cannot afford to offer them with your bulky credit card. Hence, these gift certificates will be good enough as they won’t be able to spend more than you want to spend. If you are convinced with my idea of using gift certificate templates, then it is time for you to go online and get the one of your choice.

Here are some good quality Gift Certificate Templates that I have designed to help newbie designers in creating their own gift certificates for this season.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template:

Here is a good looking Christmas Gift Certificate Template created using MS Word.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Christmas Gift Certificate Template,

download template

Babysitter Gift Certificate Template:

Here is preview of this cute looking Babysitter Gift Certificate Template created using MS Word.

Babysitter Gift Certificate Design

Here is download link for this Babysitter Gift Certificate Template,

download template

Birthday Gift Certificate Template:

Here is a creative Birthday Gift Certificate Template that I have created using MS Word.

Birthday Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Birthday Gift Certificate Template,

download template

Business Gift Certificate Template:

Business owners are also required to issue Business Gift Certificates to boost their sales, hence here comes a Business Gift Certificate Template created using MS Word.

Business Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Business Gift Certificate Template,

download template

Buy 1 Get 1 Gift Certificate Template:

If you are looking for launching a Buy 1 Get 1 Sales promotion, then here is a good looking  Buy 1 Get 1 Gift Certificate Template created using MS Word.

Buy 1 Get 1 Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Buy 1 Get 1 Gift Certificate Template,

download template

Easter Gift Certificate Template:

Spice up your sales promotion on this Easter with this Easter Gift Certificate Template created using MS Word.

Easter Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Easter Gift Certificate Template,

download template

Garments Gift Certificate Template:

Here is preview of a Free Garments Gift Certificate Template created using MS Word to help Clothes Industry to boost their sales.

Garments Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Garments Gift Certificate Template,

download template

Grocery Gift Certificate Template:

Here is preview of a simple yet effective Grocery Gift Certificate Template created using MS Word.

Grocery Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Grocery Gift Certificate Template,

download template

Loan Agreement Template

You may heard about loan agreements before, a loan is an agreement of borrowing money from the lender and then repay him after a specified time. The loan agreement may be in writing or in oral, the writing loan agreement is fully legal and it binds the borrower in the terms and conditions of loans. Loan agreements may be for persons, companies or group of companies and can have different clauses according to the criteria and state of affairs. These loan agreements can be prepared by official lenders or other money lending firms, however, a loan agreement can also be prepared for a private loan. A conventional loan contract encloses a promissory note, loan repayment terms, default guidelines, late payment provisions and clauses regarding litigation procedures.

Here is preview of this Loan Agreement Template,

Loan Agreement Template

Here are some instructions available to write a loan agreement, follow them if you want to make a successful loan agreement.

  • Discuss the terms and conditions of credit with the borrower or the lender, it depends on you that who are you in this case. If you want to avoid the problems regarding loan agreement, discuss all the matters and facts with the opponent.
  • Check out a sample of the loan agreement and check out that all the necessary information is available or not in the following sections, promissory note, principle, rate of interest, terms and conditions, payment, borrower, lender, and witness signatures, and precautions. You’ll need all of these sections to be in your contract.
  • State whether the loan to be pledged. This mean that the borrower will have to sure you return of loan, by pledging an asset for the security of the loan. In case of loss the lender can recover his loan from the pledged asset.
  • Draft up the loan contract according to the pre-defined terms and conditions under the management of the legal representative. Since this is a lawful joining document, you will need a legal representative to review both the drafting of the agreement and the signing of the agreement.
  • Compute the whole rate of interest on the credit using a paying off schedule.
  • Keep the language simple and easy to understand in the document, the document should not be littered with legalese to hold up in court.
  • Make sure all the details with the borrower (or lender, if you are the borrower) once the agreement is completed. Fix an engagement with the borrower to close and fund the loan.

By following these guidelines you might be able to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and misfortune in course of your business deal. Holding a loan agreement saves you in any legal situation where you may be in need to sue any of your friend or family members for recovery of your money. It will be the only evidence of your transaction so have a preference to have a written agreement rather than oral one. A good agreement can be obtained by using templates available for this purpose.

Here is download link for this Loan Agreement Template,


Rent Receipt Template

If you deal with properties and specially renting it out for a short or longer term, then you must be using rent receipts on regular basis. A lot of commercial agents required a professional receipt format in order to present it to their customers and/or to use it officially for government correspondence. If you are a landlord or an official broker to one or more landlords, then it is really worthy to download following rent receipt template to use whenever it is required or needed by the situation.

As per legal requirement, all tenants have the right to demand for an official rent receipt from the landlord whenever they pay their monthly or annual rent. In such situation, it is really useful for any landlord to quickly print it using a professionally designed rent receipt template. This receipt template is created using Microsoft Word so that even a normal PC user can easily create professional receipts quickly and effectively. There might come up situations that can cause embarrassment for landlords if they can’t produce professional rent receipts quickly and without much of their efforts. So it would be a wise decision to keep a collection of professional and easy to edit rent receipt templates.

It is quite common to have a conflict between landlord and tenants on past rent payments specially in the case of monthly payments. Such conflicts are mostly resolved by looking at past rent receipts signed by landlord with or without their official stamp. Court of law will also demand such receipts from tenants if case is put up there for legal action. If tenant failed to present an official rent receipt then court might order for a payment considering that rent not paid. This proves as how important it is to demand rent receipts from landlords no matter how trust worthy relationship you are enjoying with him.

Here is preview of our own created Rent Receipt Template using Microsoft Word,

Rent Receipt Template

Important Information on Rent Receipts:

Here is a list of key informational elements that every rent receipt must have;

  • Date of Payment
  • Time Period of Payment
  • Amount
  • Landlord Name (or Company Name)
  • Tenant Name or Paid By
  • Address of Property being rented
  • Landlord Signature with or without company stamp

In case, landlord offers online rent receipts and tenant would like to pay through credit cards, please make sure this receipt is signed with digital signatures and can easily be verifiable. In such cases, usually at the spot printing is available to send receipt directly to your printer once you processed the payment. Please make sure your printer is in fully working conditions before you start the payment process.

Finally, it is really important for all tenants to keep all rent receipts in a secure place and in order so that it should be easy to retrieve a receipt (any month) quickly and without spending much of their time. Also, keep it safe so that it shouldn’t be damaged with the passage of time or during shifting from one place to another.

Here is download link for the above shown Rent Receipt Template,


Process Flow Chart Template

A process flow chart is a symbolic or graphical representation of the steps or elements included in a process so that the participants can understand the process in a better way. Each step in process flow chart is represented with a different kind of symbol and it also includes a short description of each of the step. This allows the project managers and team members to understand the steps and milestones included in a process so that they can execute the process in a better and timely manner.

Types of process flow charts:

  • High level process flow chart:
    This is also called the first class process flow chart. It’s actually a pretty basic flow chart that only shows the important parts or steps of a process allowing the top level management to understand the process in less time without going in irrelevant details and explanation.
  • Detailed process flow chart:
    This is a detailed flow chart of the process that includes all the minor and major steps and points of a process. Most of the time, detailed flow chart is made for the projects and plans in companies and organizations and this chart serves all the purposes for top level management and team members in a project.
  • Deployment process flow chart:
    This is again a detailed flow chart of a process but instead of explaining each step in the process, the name of the person or member is mentioned who is working on that step or the in charge of a particular part of the process. This allows the team leader or project manager to analyze which team member is doing what and what’s his progress in the process.

Importance of process flow chart:

  • Explanation of the project:
    A flow chart explains a process in a better way. This includes individual or separate steps and milestones in the flow chart. When the entire process is defined in diagrams and separate steps, this is easy to understand even for those who don’t even know the basics of the business or project management.
  • Keeping track of the history:
    It is a key benefit of flow charts that they keep track of each step taken in the process. Thus, it makes easier for the project manager to oversee the whole project in a better way and even at any point, if anyone needs to look back; flow chart keeps details of the past too.
  • Better scheduling and performance review:
    When the flow chart is defined with each participant on each step, it helps the project supervisor to see which employee is working on what step and what’s his performance. This way it is easy for the managers to locate the problems or delays in the process without disturbing the whole process.

Application of process flow charts in business:

It is quite obvious that a process flow chart is used for projects and processes in businesses and companies. It doesn’t matter what kind of company you run and what type of products or services you offer, with the help of a process flow chart, you can easily achieve all of your goals and objectives with few resources and in time.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Process Flow Chart Template created using MS Word,

Process Flow Chart Template

Here is download link for this Process Flow Chart Template,
Download Process Flow Chart Template

Tenancy Contract Template

A Tenancy Contract is a deal between a landlord and single or more personalities involved in breathing in the assets or performing a trade there. Rental Concords are one of the more ordinary varieties of concord in English by law and, for the reason that they compact with residences and commerce location, one of the more vital. The reason of a tenancy concord is to place the terms and conditions by which a concord has been attained where one party will permit the utilization of land and chattels by another. In the time of a clash, the tenancy accord will often let a court or other body of negotiation to conclude which party, if any, is right and what procedures to commence to medicine the problem.

Tenancy agreements have survived in two forms; it may be verbal or contractual, since time immemorial. The latest form of tenancy contract, in which a contract is created that connects both the landlord and the renter under the force of law, has urbanized alongside current contract law and permits all of the standard contractual terms to be implied into it. The importance of a tenancy agreement is given under. If a buy-to-let asset is being let out by a proprietor it is important, both for the proprietor and for the renter, that a tenancy agreement is geared up and signed before the renter is given the keys and shifts in to the buy-to-let property.

Here is preview of this Tenancy Contract Template,

Tenancy Contract Template

Tenancy agreements can be made for any time period but often fall into two camps: permanent and undulating. A permanent period tenancy is an accord that ends after a certain sum of time and is often used by landlord charging to learners on an annual basis. Undulating agreements are tenancy agreements with no known end date but with requirements for how both parties can finish the agreement by giving note a set total of time before stopping the contract. The merits of a tenancy agreement are the same as those for a normal contract, be it for commodities or services. By signing a tenancy contract, each person who is party to the agreement is aware of what his rights and responsibilities are with respect to the tenancy; e.g. the proprietor has a right to set an amount of rent for a specific interval, while the occupant has the right to inhabit the premises of the land for a given period.

Although they may emerge as something dissimilar, a tenancy agreement is a typical contract under English law and is therefore area under discussion to the principles of English indenture law. To this end, although the contract may contain sections that purport to offer lesser rights to a tenant than the law necessitates, it is not feasible to surrender your statutory rights by marking a tenancy agreement. Along with all terms and conditions, payment time for rent and measures and conditions for the repair and maintenance of the asset must be obviously defined in agreement to avoid any ambiguity or problem in future.

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Job Description Template

Job descriptions are the main tools for communication that have an important role to play in your organization. If job description is not well written then first impression on masses is poor and people do not perceive it accurately and unable to satisfy your expectations from them. Job description is the main idea that enables your worker to access his duties, responsibilities and requirement of particular job. Employee job description is based on the information that are needed to be performed by the expected employee and also shows already set criteria, such as specific qualification, skill and experience, etc.; required for the offered job. It also clarifies about the working conditions, tools available, equipment used, knowledge and relationships with other designations. Whether it will be a small firm or a large company, every institution needed a well-defined job description for competitive environment and to give direction to the employee. Give proper direction to your employee with the vision and mission of your company. It’s a leader’s job to assign proper work to his employee as needed by the customer.

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Job Description Template

Some effective rules are given as under to consider while writing job description:

  • Job Title
  • Job summary/ Responsibilities
  • Qualification/ Requirements
  • Job location
  • Salary and benefits

When starting designing a role or job description, one must know the history of the company and set goals according to it and it is essential to take measures that can make positioning more attractive and productive as well as competitive and rewarding for the candidate. After getting familiar with all the aspects of the job description, you should do some research on HR journals and different types of articles that presenting job descriptions so you get idea about the latest trends as well as you can prepare an exclusive type of job description.

Now you can start developing a job description by starting from the title. Title should be accurate and reveal what position is offered as the nature of the work and designation it holds in the firm or company, for example, accountant, secretary, personal assistant, engineer, graphic designer, manager etc. careful about the title and choose title according to organizational structure. Now explain the job summary or the responsibilities in detail with specific roles that has to be assigned to the employee after recruitment. Summarize objective, nature of work and scope in few lines from three to four lines, it should take as mission statement of the job. Responsibilities should be described separately so it will be clear for employee what he has to be capable of. In addition specify major tasks.

Reporting lines refer to indicate about the position on the job and relationship of the role that expected to be supervised. In next section, qualification or required education mentioned. All types like, education, experience, skill, any kind of diploma, licenses and abilities are counted in this section. Applicant can also mention about his characteristics according to this section. Job location also explaining the designation or position along with the travel requirements has to be mentioned earlier. Now the important section comes, eye catching section for any applicant, description of the salary and benefit according to the role and company.

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Business Proposal Template

A Business Proposal is presented to place an official business deal for a specific solution. Business Proposals play very important part during sales process of any product or services. In any business proposal it includes requirements of clients and services of partner against these requirements. After successful deal business proposal will be made in which both partner and client agree on certain points. Highly professional and all the multinational companies always depend on such kind of proposals. They don’t precede their deal without it. There are many types of proposals but most commonly these are as follows:-

  • Formal Proposals
  • Informal Proposals

Formal Proposals

In these kinds of proposals each and every requirement is written in it. Both parties are agreed upon this proposal and legally they are bounded to obey it. If any body part of this proposal wants to withdraw this proposal he should take consensus and opinions of members of proposal. Basically it’s a back bone of any successful deal.

The requests for such proposals are placed by the customer following their specific requirements. Such proposals are issued to qualify the vendors which can provide the products with some specific requirements or solutions. These proposals are most commonly practiced by the IT related organizations which require the solutions and some new implementation needs.

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Business Proposal Template

Informal Proposals:

Informal solicited proposals take place among the selected vendor and some prospective customer. The interested customer in some specific product or solution asks for the proposal of that product form the vendor under the discussed prescriptions. In such a case the customer does not ask generally for the proposals of other vendors but only the particular vendor.

The management of the business proposal is a technical job as it is the key for the success of the business deals. At the same time this management of the business proposal poses a huge burden on the sales team because it demands a lot of the research work prior to put forward any statement for the respective customer. All the profits and losses of the business from the respective customer depend upon the presentation of a solid business proposal.

The important contents of the business proposal are;

  • Description of the business
  • Market view for the respective business
  • Competition and feasibility of the business projections
  • Management of the business
  • Personnel interests involved from both sides

Similarly the financial data is also summarized in the following projections;

  • Sources available for funding
  • Equipment lists for the business plans
  • Break down analysis and balance sheet for the whole business plans for the costs and effects

The supporting documents which are attached with the business proposal are the personal resumes, job description statements, the financial statements, and reference letters from at least two potential customers for future reference, all the other legal documents and bank statements for the financial proof.

For assembling a successful business proposal the first and utmost need is to identify the exact needs of the business and then after this identification build up the solution for meeting those specific needs keeping yourself within the minimum budget.

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Decision Tree Diagrams

A Decision Tree Diagram is a graphical representation of all the facts, scenarios and results as well as the choices that one has. This is a tree shaped representation that has branches and each branch represents a separate scenario along with the results and possible outcomes in the future. This not only gives more accurate figures about each choice in the decision making process but also allows the business owners to make better decisions and review their choices in time.

Importance of Decision Tree Diagrams:

It is quite simple to understand that when there is a business or organization, there is decision making involved on regular basis. There isn’t any company or corporation that doesn’t make decisions on daily basis or even more than dozens of decisions each day. When the decision making process is so important in each business, now it’s not very hard to understand the importance of decision tree diagrams.

These diagrams have the advantage or benefit for the business owners and higher management in the company to make accurate decisions on timely basis. When there is a key decision to make, decision tree diagram is here to rescue. With this simple graphical and symbolic representation, you can easily understand the importance of your decision and possible outcomes and results in case of each choice.

You know that these diagrams have dozens of branches with each scenario and its results on it and that’s why we call it a tree diagram. When there are possible outcomes written on the diagram in case of each choice, it is very easy and convenient for the team to see what could happen if they choose a particular option and which option has better chances of bringing their organization close to the required goals and objectives.

Application of Decision Tree Diagrams in Business:

As we have discussed above about the importance and benefits of decision tree diagrams, you can understand that this technique or tool is applied in all businesses and organizations where decision making is involved. It doesn’t matter what kind of company or organization you run and if your decisions are very important or just a routine work, you can easily apply decision tree diagram in every scenario.

The best thing about applying this decision tree diagram in your business is that it allows you to see all the possible outcomes for each scenario which means you can evaluate the options and choices on the basis of best, moderate and worst choices. This not only gives you enough time to rethink your decision but also allows you to add more options to the tree in case you are not satisfied with the existing ones.

Another best thing about this decision tree diagram is that it is unlike many other techniques and tools that make the whole process complex and hard to understand. This graphical representation provides easy and simpler facts and elements about each type of decision and possible scenarios for each choice which means it’s easy to understand for the business owners as well as for the individuals who don’t know the business that well.

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Decision Tree Diagram

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Grant Proposal Template

In the business world, grant proposals are common things about people all the time are talking. Governments of different countries including U.S government, a number of specific projects with millions of dollars are offered to individuals, firms and organizations. The funding for different projects offered by government is termed as grant and the offer is called a proposal. Organizations, non-profit organizations, education related facilities and charitable organizations are eligible to get grants. If any organization wants to get the grants they have to go through a formal request procedure known as writing a grant proposal letter and the request itself is grant proposal. For the submission of grant proposal there are a number of ways such as organization application forms or full grant proposals.

Requirements for creating a Grant Proposal

The request for proposal document is designed to get services and offers from different vendors. There is no hard and fast rule of preparing REP as it varies according to situations. In a REP you should include the main purpose of the proposal, general information about the organization that usually includes the size, numbers of branches, plans of expansions if any and number of employees etc.  The length of REP can vary from one page to several pages and both have its own benefits. When requesting for proposals are issued by organizations, other companies then check the details of REP and if they find out it beneficial for their company and stakeholders they then try to prepare an effective grant proposal.

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Grant Proposal Template

How to prepare an effective Grant Proposal?

A Grant Proposal includes a set of important components.

  • Grant proposals need to have a concise cover letter that can summarize all the important information and purpose. Cover letter includes personal information of the applicant (here applicant is a company or an organization), the procedure of using money and convincing information that you are a good fit for getting this grant.
  • After covering letter, applicants need to include an impressing body of the proposal. the body of the proposal is usually in detail that provides an assessment of the company’s needs by the applicant, major goals that the company wants to achieve from fundings, a detailed and clear outline of the entire proposed program, information regarding the utilization of money, measurement methods or means for achieving goals and an estimated timeline for completing the proposal.
  • The body of grant proposal also needs to include certain information for the knowledge of the requestor such as the number and quality of the key staff, summaries of their past performance in any project, financial status of the company and an overview of required budget.

Writing successful grant proposals are not big deals however, applicants should understand the criteria of a request for proposal issued by the agency and should write grant proposal in accordance. Never provide unnecessary information as they will conceal the main points as well as avoid providing fake information because sometimes RFP agencies send their inquiry teams to companies before the approval of the grant.

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