Joint Venture Agreement Template

By | December 30, 2015

There are countless types are available to start a new business or company and one of them is joint venture.  Joint venture is a business understanding in which two or more than two companies or business entities develop a new business entity to hunt their mutual benefits using shared capital and workforce etc. A joint venture business establishment normally involves a sharing of resources which could include capital, manpower, physical equipments and intellectual property such as patents etc. Whereas, a joint venture agreement is a legal document that establishes a joint venture relationship between two or more companies by explaining terms and conditions in details. Joint venture is similar to a business partnership, with one key difference, that is joint venture is usually based on a single business transaction whereas partnership involves long terms business relationship. More often than not, individual professionals or companies choose to enter into a joint venture agreement in order to share strengths, capitals, minimize risks and increase competitive advantages in the marketplace to achieve business goals and objectives efficiently.

A joint venture is generally carried out by two or more than two companies or professionals when they agree to utilize their financial resources and respective expertise to achieve a particular objective in short time. A joint venture can be a new project or any other business activity started by different vendors under some particular terms and conditions. Joint venture agreement outlines all basic and necessary details about the joint venture. Joining capitals and forces can be profitable for parties of a joint venture agreement and can also save time & money of parties but it is good to be sure to get all the details of joint venture in writing with a joint venture agreement. The agreement tell all involved parties that what are their rights and duties when working on a joint venture and a joint venture agreement may establish a business purpose, governance structure or operational rules for the parties. It may also set forth the terms and conditions under which the joint venture may be terminated legally by parties.

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Joint Venture Agreement Template

Joint venture agreement is one of the best business establishments under which each party of the agreement contributes capital, property, assets or other resources just like manpower to the business activity started as joint venture and then the involved parties agree on how profits, losses and control of the business activity or business will be divided between parties. Joint ventures have existed for centuries and considered as a best way to establish a new business entity investing a short amount of capital or other resources. Most often, businesses and companies decide to enter into a joint venture agreement because they believe that combining resources with another company or organization will lead to better progress and profitability. Whether you are going to invest your capital or workforce in a joint venture, make sure that there is a joint venture agreement available in writing to stay away from conflicts and misunderstandings. Joint venture agreement should be prepared carefully along with all necessary details and information.

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