Content Provider Agreement Template

By | October 26, 2015

When a company or a website owner approaches a professional content writing services provider as a client in order to hire them for the above mentioned services for their business or mostly for website content writing, an agreement is created and signed by both parties i.e. the client and the content developer. This agreement is known as the content provider agreement and it includes the content specification, deadline, rates and payment schedules and the ownership of the content for the client. Usually each content writer creates their own agreement on the official company letterhead for authentication but sometimes lawyers and attorneys are also involved in order to draft the content of the agreement.

Brief Description of Content Provider Agreement:

It is very easy to understand that no matter how experienced you are and what skills you have, if you don’t know anything about the content writing, you need to hire a professional service provider for this purpose. This is why most of the websites hire professional content writing companies that write content i.e. written material, pictures, blogs and articles for various websites. The best thing about these service providers is that they know how to attract readers to the website with the content and they use these specific skills and expertise to write unique content for a website that convinces people to visit the website and take interest in what it’s presenting. For example, you have a handymen services company and you also run an online website so that people can reach you on the internet and hire your staff for handymen services.

If you want people to take you professionally and see what’s best about your company and how your services benefits the customers, you need to hire a professional content writing company that will understand your services and write the suitable content for your website. In this process, it is very easy to lose track of what the client wants and it can lead to a very complicated situation where the services provider has spent dozens of hours on the content creation but at the end, the client rejects it because it doesn’t matches the description of what he expected from the company. In order to eliminate such situations and difficult scenarios, companies sign agreement with the clients so that they both can understand what they expect from each other and what each of them can do if there are any violations of the agreement.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Content Provider Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Content Provider Agreement Template

Key Elements to add in the Content Provider Agreement:

  • Name of the client
  • Name of the content/services provider company
  • Details and specification of the content required by the client
  • Deadline and schedule for providing content
  • Rates and payment of the content
  • Intellectual property rights of the content
  • Ownership and legal rights of the content
  • Terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Mutually agreed clauses of the agreement
  • Termination and validation of the agreement
  • Results of violation of the agreement
  • Signature of client and content providing company

Here is download link for this Content Provider Agreement Template,
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